5 unconventional party games for large groups

So – you’ve brought all your closest friends and family together for a couple of days to celebrate with you. Whether it’s your upcoming nuptials or a big birthday, you’ll want it to be a weekend to remember.

You’ve found the perfect accommodation for the whole group, organised a variety of fun activities and planned where you’re going to go for dinner and drinks.

You’ve considered everything – or least you thought you had until you find yourself sitting around with a few hours to kill. There are awkward silences and attempts at small talk between your family members, colleagues, and childhood friends – who have never met each other before. The pressure is then on you to help break the ice – which is why it’s always a good idea to have a few party games prepared.

Here are five to get you started:

Two truths and a lie
What you need: A creative lie and two unbelievable truths
How to play: Each player takes it in turns to tell the group three things about themselves. The twist – only one of those things is true. This works really well with groups who don’t know each other very well because it’ll be harder to determine the truths and lies. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know each other. Try to think of the most bizarre truths you can to make it even harder – and funnier! 

Don’t show your teeth
What you need: A topic and to cover your teeth with your lips
How to play: If you’ve watched Celebrity Juice you will have seen them play ‘don’t show your teeth.’ This game always results in raucous laughter – which is reason enough to give it a go. Firstly you need to choose a topic – so this could be ‘things that annoy you.’ Then each person takes it in turns to say something related to this – slow walkers, loud eaters and so on – without, of course, showing their teeth. This will get harder the more you laugh – but show your teeth and you’re out.

Pass the parcel
What you need: Tissue/wrapping paper, sheets of paper and a pen
How to play: Put an adult twist on this children’s game by putting dares and forfeits instead of sweets between the sheets of paper. Start the music and pass it around the group. You might want to create a specific playlist that some of the dares and forfeits can then relate to. This could be a certain word or action that must be done to a specific song – then the game can continue into your night out!

Scavenger hunt
What you need: A score and rule sheet, pen and camera
How to play: Start in your accommodation and split the group into teams – this is a good opportunity to put people together that don’t know each other very well. Then provide each one with a rule sheet and send them out for a couple of hours. During this time they must complete everything you have specified with photographic evidence or a specific item. Finally, meet back at the accommodation and compare your photos and objects to find the winner.

Who am I?
What you need: Post-it note and pen
How to play: Write down a well-known person on post-it notes and give one to each person in the group. They then have to ask questions throughout the evening to find out who they are – but the answers can only be yes or no. This is a great way to get everyone talking and you could even theme it around your specific event or use people you all know, to make it more personal. You could give this an adult twist by having forfeits for any cheaters.

Keep a few games in mind and you will have them ready to play whenever necessary.

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