5 things you should know about creating great rap music

Creating great music that resonates well with the public is every budding rapper’s dream. However, this is not achieved just by simply going to the studio, recording a jam and releasing it to various social media platforms and waiting for a breakthrough.

There are things that every great budding rapper must do to outsmart the others. Here are five things you should know about creating great rap music…

Invest in good musical instrumentals
The very first thing that impresses your fans is the beat of your song even before they understand your lyrics. The beat and the message in your songs will determine whether it becomes a hit or not. For you to be a successful musical rapper, it is essential to invest in quality rap instrumentals. It is these that you will use and, maybe with a few custom adjustments, they will determine your final beat. Great instrumentals will no doubt produce some great music. Formulate a budget for instrumentals, and it will pay off in the long run.

Know your target audience
Do not compose a song without a specific target audience. For example, a song targeting the youths may not be highly appreciated by people of advanced age. After knowing your target audience, whether it’s women, youths, or older adults, create for them a good song that they will resonate with. It would help if you composed a song that emotionally connects with your fans. Make your listener feel you through the emotions you bring out in your song. Identifying a target audience can give you an idea of what kind of emotions they are looking to receive. Identify a similar problem your target audience has and try to provide a solution through a song. Analysing their gender, age, and hobbies can help you give what your audience wants to hear.

Improve your social media presence
Creating a social media presence for your music is one of the areas to improve yourself. If you are not active on the various social media platforms, you are missing a lot. This is one of the areas on which to connect with fans, and you can get an idea of what they want to listen. Things also go viral on the social platforms, and if you drop a perfect rap song on one of the platforms, you may find your song trending worldwide. Some artist discovery platforms to use include YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

Be creative
Creativity is the epitome of great rap music. You have to be creative enough to outdo the other rappers. Come up with ideas that no other artist has thought of and venture into places no other rapper has dared to. Think outside the box, time your words, and create suspense to make your listeners pay closer attention to your words.

Create significance lyrics
One of the things that defines great rap music is its lyrics that are so weighty that they transcend time. When you become so influential through your words, you will be relevant in the rap industry for a long time. One of the ways to come up with mighty lyrics is by looking for something you feel passionately about and coming up with the best words for your voice to be heard.

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