4 tips to buying ethical wedding jewellery

Your wedding day is of great significance since it is the day you start your marriage. After the celebrations, when everyone has gone home, the only tangible reminder of this special day is your wedding jewellery. When you see the jeweller, you want to look back to your special day with a smile on your face.


For this to happen, you need to have jewellery that will still look great years after your big day. Ingle & Rhode has authentic jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Find out everything you can about the gems

When buying jewellery, for you to find out if they are ethical and authentic, it is best not to be shy when it comes to asking questions. If you’re buying diamond jewellery, find out everything you can about it. Where are the diamonds sourced from? It is critical for you to find out as much information as you can on the gem you will be buying. Ethical diamonds refer to gems that have been mined without exploiting human labour or causing damage to the environment.

Start your search early

For you to get the best ethical wedding jewellery, it is essential for you to have enough time to search for the perfect one for you. You want to choose a cut and style that is perfect for you and your spouse. This is jewellery you intend to keep for the rest of your life, and possibly wearing it every day. It would be best to get something you are going to admire today, but more importantly, something you will enjoy looking at ten or twenty years from today. 

Determine how much you are willing to spend

Instead of going to the shop and leaving an ethical wedding jewellery you want because it is too costly, why not budget for one. As soon as you start entertaining the idea of a wedding, it is crucial for you to start making plans for your wedding jewellery. Visit the various jewellers to have an idea of how much you should expect to spend on great ethical jewellery. This way you can be strategic when saving and budgeting for your ethical wedding jewellery. 

Create your style

The beauty of jewellery is that it can be customised. Discuss with your fiance and find ways to make your jewellery uniquely yours. You may opt for colours that you can identify with as well as designs that are favoured by both of you. When you work with a designer to come up with a plan that you both love, you are likely to cherish your wedding jewellery for life. 

Much care needs to go into selecting ethical wedding jewellery. It would be best if you considered everything, from where the gem is mined, to the care of your jewellery. If you have no intention of spending much on maintenance, what other solutions are available for you? Sometimes, your jewellery is as good as the care it receives. It is also .important for you to visit authentic jewellers. These jewellers have a name to protect and would not sell you counterfeit jewellery.

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