3 amazing reasons to wear your birthstone

Not only are birthstones stunning to look at but they boast incredible therapeutic and healing properties that you could be missing out on.

From boosting energy levels and inner strength to restoring a sense of harmony and balance, you could be benefiting from the powerful healing proprieties that these stones have to offer every day. All you have to do is find which gem is right for you and you could be well on your way to restoring your mind and body.

Here are three incredible health benefits that wearing your birthstone could offer.

To keep calm
First and foremost, many semi-precious gems have incredible calming effects on the mind and body. Birthstones that fall into this category include March’s aquamarine which is used to reduce stress and calm the mind, while February’s amethyst is widely believed to heal any negative energy.  September’s sapphire is also used to calm overactive body systems. What’s more, keeping these gems close to you at all times is easy. Just look at Nomination’s amazing selection of birthstone charms. You can stick by your birth month or create your own collection of stones that provide the healing properties that are right for you.

To feel energised
Those born in January are particularly lucky when it comes to the energy-boosting properties of their birthstone. Garnets are known to promote regeneration and revitalisation meaning they are perfect for providing an inner energy lift. April’s diamond is also an incredible energy amplifier and boosts the energy of all other stones surrounding it. Elsewhere, July’s ruby is said to counteract the effects of exhaustion and banishes feelings of lethargy. August’s peridot has also been found to combat feelings of exhaustion, lethargy and apathy.

To aid digestion
A common property of many birthstones is their ability to soothe and aid the digestive system. Many can help alleviate painful symptoms like cramps and calm any areas of inflammation. December’s turquoise is known for its detoxifying and healing properties by upping the absorption of nutrients into the body and supporting the immune system. November’s Topaz is known to help the digestive system work to its maximum capacity by fortifying the nerves and stimulating the metabolism. May’s Emerald is also believed to have a detoxifying effect on the liver and aids in the recovery of infectious illness.  Finally, June’s Pearl is also used to treat digestive disorders by reducing bloating as well as being worn to improve the condition of the skin.

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