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Tips for Navigating Sheffield’s Used Car Dealerships

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving a new car. Whether you’re planning a trip through the scenic Snake Pass, or you simply want a nice-looking car to cruise through Sheffield’s city streets while you navigate a busy social and work life, choosing a new car that is right for you is an incredibly important decision.

First off, before you set your heart on any make or model, you should decide whether you would prefer a brand new or used car. For most, your initial reaction would be to opt for the new. Which can be a smart decision, as with a new car you have the freedom to choose exactly how you would like your new car to be. Plus, a new car comes armed with a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind that your new car will be protected from faults.

The main problem with a new car, though, is that it loses a large part of its value as soon as you drive it away from the showroom, making it a poor investment. This large depreciation is, on average, around 20% loss of value as soon as the car is driven, and very little new cars are worth half their original price after just three years on the road. How much a new car will depreciate depends on the car and your annual mileage, with some models losing their value quicker than others. So, if you do want to buy new, it is essential you research the depreciation value for your car.

Depreciation of price does come with advantages though, as if you decide to choose a used car, you can actually find a lot of cars under five years old on sale for a fraction of their original price tag. Not only are these used cars a bargain for you, but as the car has already taken its biggest depreciation hit, you will find that your used car loses less money year-by-year. This will allow you to sell it on in the next few years for only a little under what you originally paid for it, as long as it’s still in a good condition.

When looking at used cars, you should always follow a checklist to ensure you’re getting the best car for your money. Some of the most important points on your list should be to ensure you have a full service history of the car, how many miles the car has already travelled and whether or not it’s been in any previous accidents, as this will help you ascertain if the car might have any future problems. You should also compare insurance policies online in order to find out what you’re expected to pay for insurance cover, as this will factor into your monthly car budget. If the car is only a few years old, it may still come under its manufacturer’s warranty, which is an added bonus.

If you do decide on a used model, Sheffield has a number of used car dealerships full of used cars in brilliant condition. Here are just three of the best where you may find your perfect car at a bargain price:

The Car People

Located in Sheffield Business Park, the Car People have hundreds of used cars on display for you to browse and test drive. If you can’t see the car you’d like, or would like a certain model in a different colour or specification, you can make use of the dealership’s café and research hub. Here you can search through the thousands of cars available in their branches across the UK.

Evan Halshaw

Again, another company with dealerships across the UK, Evan Halshaw have a price promise that they will ensure you get the best bargain for your chosen car. The Renault branch on Penistone Road has a number of used cars to browse as well as access to the 20,000+ used cars in their group stock.

Johnson Cars

If you’d prefer to deal with a local family company, Johnson Cars on Hollinsend Road has been trading for over twenty years and specialises in nearly-new cars, many of which are still under their original manufacturer’s warranty. The knowledgeable team will also be able to help guide you on the best car for your needs, which is handy if you’re unsure on the type of car you’d like.


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