The top five sports to watch in the UK

The year is halfway done and the world has experienced some of the best sports events this year. The World Cup was the most anticipated event this year and it’s hard to believe we have to wait another four years. 

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Five sports you just cannot miss out on
Britain has also not been left behind this year as it brags of some of the best sports events. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best sporting events to watch out in the UK.

Football is perhaps the most watched game in the world. Almost half of the world tuned in to watch the World Cup. The new English season has already started. The following months will see the biggest teams in England battle it out for the English Premier League, which runs from August to May.

Football is perhaps the most popular football in the UK. Fans go crazy as soon as it starts. We have all had all the things they do in the name of football.

The Six Nations Championship is perhaps the creme de la creme of rugby in the UK. The rugby union features six teams. They include:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • France

This year marked the 18th series of the game. England were the defending champions but Ireland got to walk away with the bragging rights. If you missed this year’s tournament be sure to catch the 2019 edition.

Tennis and Wimbledon
The Wimbledon tennis championship is arguably the oldest tennis tournament in the world. This year’s edition took place from July 2 and finished on July 15. The championship is well known for its grass cover. If you are living in south-west London you can catch it. The 2018 edition will perhaps be remembered because it was Serena’s best comeback. Honestly, you know we cannot talk about tennis without mentioning her.

The UK is packed with some of the best golf events in the country. The most popular ones include:- the British Open, Irish Open and the Ryder’s Cup. If you are looking to enjoy some golf, the UK has some best golf courses. The most famous golf course in the world is located in St Andrews, Scotland. Moreover, you can walk away with some great golf packages.

Formula One
The Formula One British Grand Prix is one of the most anticipated sports events. It usually takes 2 days during the first days of July with starting and qualifying. This year saw some dramatic car crashes and fans can’t wait for next year. The 2019 edition might be the last year to see Formula  One magic. In addition, there are always great entertainment activities across the weekend.

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