Enjoying Life To The Fullest In Your Fifties

Enjoying life in your fifties comes without a guidebook because you simply don’t need one! There’s no one way to live it, as it has so many different and exciting variables. At this age, you know what you like and what you don’t, what you will and won’t stand for, how to respect and love yourself as well as others, what foods and flavours you love, and how to feel and be self-confident and assured. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for, and now it’s finally here. If you currently feel at somewhat of a loss and are having a hard time accepting that you’re now fifty, then challenge yourself to try something new, and get out and about socialising with people from all sorts of walks of life.

Get Outside

You needn’t retire to your garden when you’re fifty – far from it in fact. For inspiration, just look at amazing over 50s putting old on hold and continuing to live their passions, such as Doc Price who is still tattooing as SunLife reports. You can still have all the fun you did when you were forty, you just need to realise when enough is enough and to try new experiences and activities to replace more vigorous ones. If you’ve long enjoyed high impact sports such as running, boxing, rugby, and water skiing, then maybe it’s time to be kinder to your bones and joints and to take up gentler sports such as cycling, rowing, canoeing, and swimming? Ensure that you get outside and stay as active as you possibly can, and want to, by joining new sports clubs and societies.

Keep Busy

Try not to sit still at home and stagnate. Instead, plan how you’re going to spend your day and what you’re going to get up to over the course of your twelve or so hours. Organise how you want to have fun at the weekend, and book tickets for music festivals, theatre shows, cinema screenings, and sporting events well in advance so that you can write down the event in your calendar and have a date to look forward to.

Sheffield Town Hall

Nourish Yourself

Support your body by giving it all of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it needs. Now is the time to pay special attention to what you’re eating, and how it’s going to help you stay feeling sprightly, energised, and happy. Fill your cupboards, fridge, and fruit bowl with fresh and organic produce. Stock up on grains and pulses, tinned tomatoes, soups, herbs, spices, oils, and vinegars such as red wine vinegar and balsamic in preparation for making green salads and healthy dips like guacamole, hummus, and baba ghanoush.


Listen To Your Body

Continue to dance and play sport if you’re still healthy, agile, and supple enough to do so. Choose new hiking routes and trails to explore, take your dog for long walks along the canal, the beach, and into the mountains – don’t set limits on yourself just because you’re in your fifties. If something feels uncomfortable, then it’s good advice to stop what you’re doing, but if not, then carry on doing what you love. If you’re at all concerned about your health and fitness, then schedule an appointment to see your doctor and heed advice should you be given it.

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