Chrissie Hynde photographed this month for the Observer New Review by Dean Chalkley.

Chrissie Hynde – Stockholm

Review of Chrissie Hynde’s new album, Stockholm.

I’d begun to think that the only time I’d ever hear of Chrissie Hynde from now on would be in the ‘Whatever Happened to…’ section of a music magazine, but she’s back, with her sultry, sexy voice sounding just as it did when we all sang along with ‘Brass in Pocket’ without every quite knowing the words.

How many solo records has Chrissie Hynde released? Well, you’d be forgiven for not knowing the answer. There haven’t been any, until now. She’s continued to release records as The Pretenders since 1979 – and quite what’s changed since she decided this would be a solo release isn’t too clear as the songs sound just the same.

Her voice is one of the most distinctive and familiar to anyone with any interest at all in pop music, so for fans this will be a welcome return, often sounding just like a Pretenders record was meant to. For the rest of us, it’s unlikely to register much outside of the Radio 2 playlist. I can almost hear Ken Bruce telling us it’s been too long since we heard from her, after every track. I can also hear myself thinking something less charitable, but well done to her for continuing to make a living out of music.

5/10 Mark Perkins

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