Tramlines 2019: A quickie with Circa Waves…

The Merseyside indie rockers are stopping off at Tramlines with third album What’s It Like Over There? in tow. Cameron Jurevicius spoke to bassist Sam Rourke to find out what we can expect from their latest sound…

The latest album has been a bit of a change in direction for you. Are you pleased with the final product?
Yeah, we’re made up. It’s always hard to know how new music will go down, especially when it is a bit different to what fans might be used to, but it seems to have gone down really well.

With this being your third album now, are you more confident about switching things up a bit and experimenting?
I think after having a couple of albums underneath your belt it just makes your belief in what you’re doing more steadfast. We’d already mixed things up from albums one to two, so we were confident that we could be experimental and be successful. I don’t think there was any pressure on the outcome; we’ve always kind of just got on with what we’ve wanted to do without worrying about the consequences.

Is it important for a band to push out of comfort zones?
It definitely enabled us to be more creative; instead of reaching for the same instruments that we’ve always played, we reached for the instrument that made the most sense in the context of the song. I think it’s quite freeing when you unshackle yourself from the restrictions of being just a guitar band.

Looking back across the three albums is there anything you wish you had done differently?
I don’t think so. We’re really happy with where we’re at as a band and the music we’re making at the moment. I think all the mistakes we’ve made over the years have led us to this point and set us up to for the future.

How’s the future currently shaping up?
There’s a plan for new music already set into motion and we’ll be touring the US and Europe towards the end of the year. We’ll always be touring, it’s one of our favourite things to do, and no matter where the music takes us we’ll always like to define ourselves by being an exciting live act.

Circa Waves // Nulty’s Main Stage // 17:15-18:00

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