Tramlines 2018: Reverend and The Makers

There aren’t many bands as suited to Tramlines Festival as Reverend and The Makers.

S6-based, veterans of Tramlines and with lead singer Jon McClure’s involvement in the conception of the festival itself, it was always going to be a show to remember. As soon as the first chord was struck, the crowd were right up for it with pints of beer up in the air, people on shoulders and mosh pits galore.

Every song received a rapturous reception but there was a notable reaction for songs ‘Too Tough To Die’, ‘Bassline’ and 2007 classic ‘He Said He Loved Me’, which raised the crowd to fever pitch. The whole set had a special feel to it as you knew how much it meant to the band to be playing to such a large crowd in their hometown, especially with the venue being yards from where they grow up

The set ended with the brilliant ‘Silence is Golden’ just as the sun re-emerged from behind the clouds giving the perfect ending to a truly memorable show.

Words: Tyrone Scott

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