Frog & Parrot: Tramlines Fringe Listings

19:20–19:50 – New Kings Road
Expect catchy riffs, memorable vocals and the occasional face-melting solo.
20:00–20:30 – Braver Than Fiction
Braver Than Fiction are a bit of a mixed bag – but with really, really strong calf muscles.
20:45–21:15 – The Chessmen
The sort of 60s psych-garage that pleases mods and rockers alike.
21:30–22:00 – The Vellas
Anthemic indie/rock guitar tunes, informed by Joy Division and The Strokes.

18:00–18:30 – Sapho
Three-piece rock band from Merseyside, inspired by elements of either side of rock music.
18:50–19:20 – Breed
Four-piece from Essex, releasing music left, right and centre.
19:40–20:10 – The Americas [LIVE] Music to ride a motorcycle to…
20:30–21:00 – Kashmere
Indie rock band hailing from Stockport.
21:20–21:50 – LIFE
No holds barred, no punches pulled, LIFE are as forceful a group as you’re likely to find.
23:00–23:30 – The Opera Comic (pictured)
I heard you’re going crazy? Come take a trip into our world…

12.30–13:00 – Thomas & The Empty Orchestra
Exploring topics of love, loss, obsession and redemption, the project was born in 2013.
13:10–13:40 – The Mourning After
A local garage punk band from Sheffield and they’re on the rise.
14:00–14:30 – The Extons
Rock band with their latest single ‘I Won’t Leave Lonely’ now available, touring the country and enjoying every second of it.
14:50–15:20 – Larkins
Big bold anthems of the future.
15:40–16:10 – Mary Wrote
Delighting lug holes with quality tunes.
16:30–17:00 – Dutch Rudder
Taking influence from established alternative rock acts of the last 20 years, including Alkaline Trio, Billy Talent and more to name.
17:20–17:50 – Bright Young People
Punk rock trio loving life and making music.
18:10–18:40 – The Assist
With lyrics from the street to accompany an indie dance beat, their sound has propelled them onto some of the country’s biggest stages.
19:00–19:30 – Faers
When dreaming on a dull day, Faers are able to take you even further away from reality.
19:50–20:20 – Clay
This Leeds four-piece has been travelling the country, playing their tunes in London, Manchester and Cardiff, to name just a few.
20:40–21:10 – False Heads
When Iggy Pop cites you amongst his favourite new bands on the back of your first single, you might start to feel the heat a little.
21:30–22:00 – I Kept The Wolves Away
Three-piece indie rock band from Sheffield delivering punchy riffs, strong vocals and making tunes for more than locals.
22:20–22:50 – Gutxi Bibang
Burgeoning musicians on the brink of international success.
23:10–00:00 – The Wholls
UK alternative rock music felt from the heart and shot from the hip.

13:00–13:30 – Hungarian Lanterns
They possess a seemingly endless array of potent acoustic songs with instantly quotable wordplay.
14:00–14:30 – Lomas
Lomas are a busy Sheffield band with a belief in strong lyrics, colourful melodies, solid arrangements and tons of soul.
15:00–15:30 – Oh Papa
Alternative rock band from Sheffield.
16:00–16:30 – RepoMen
Within the RepoMen’s varied post-punk songs, you’ll find the narratives of The Go Betweens combined with the power of The Buzzcocks.
17:00–17:30 – Dirty Water
Dirty Water are not afraid to wield their breed of psych, garage and blues right in your face.
18:00–18:30 – Toads
19:00–19:30 – Treebeard
Lively original Celtic-inspired folk-rock.
20:00–20:30 – Jan Doyle Band
Formed from the depths of Doncaster’s blackest coal face; raised where the past is demolished to make way for more faceless concrete.
21:00–21:30 – Abominable soul
Nursery Rhymes 4 Goth Kids.
22:00–22:30 – TBC
Winners of Live At Your Local.
23:00–23:30 – DJS Stevlor & Nick Soulhawk
A DJ duo filled with soul.

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