The Fringe at Tramlines 2021: Devonshire Green Stage – Final Times and Lineup News

A key feature of the Fringe at Tramlines, the Devonshire Green Stage will showcase some of Sheffield’s best DJs, rappers and singers. Expect everything from pop classics to old school reggae, Hacienda hits, disco, ska, and plenty more to get the party swinging.

Highlights on Saturday include Chris Hawkins (BBC 5live & 6Music) playing a set and talking to Hacienda resident Graeme Park in a live podcast as part of his ‘How to be DJ’ series. Sunday is headlined by two of Sheffield’s best known DJs – Chris Welch from Phonetics and Sounds Like This and Kabal/Warp Records legend Winston Hazel.

The event will be hosted by MCs April Ess and JXK, both representing rising young talent in the Steel City. See full listings for the Devonshire Green stage below.

MCs JXK & April Ess 12.00 9.00
Bubba 2000 12.00 1.00
Chris Hawkins Live Podcast with Graeme Park 1.00 2.00
Jimmy the Gent 2.00 3.00
Chris Hawkins BBC 3.00 4.30
Lucy, Ava & Tonij (Jesus Hairdo) 4.30 6.00
Seppy Deuxes 6.00 6.20
April Ess 6.20 7.00
Greg Zogg (Planet Zogg) 7.00 8.00
Ian Hodgson 8.00 9.00
Sunday 25th July  Start  Finish
MCs JXK & April Ess 12.00 7.00
Sparkle Sisters (Under the stars) 12.00 1.00
Papa Al’s Swing 1.00 1.30
Rob Cotterill 1.30 2.30
Laurie Vusolo (Guitar & Songs) 2.30 2.55
JC Clack (Vocals) 2.55 3.20
JXK Rap Set & Giveaways 3.20 4.00
Fatta & Shakti (Dubcentral) 4.00 5.00
Chris Welch (Sounds Like This) 5.00 6.00
Winston Hazel (Kabal) 6.00 7.00


For more Fringe at Tramlines listings, head here.

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