Tramlines 2017: Cabbage @ Ponderosa Park


Main Stage, Saturday 

While they have taken a fair bit of flak as of late, it’s worth remembering that Cabbage were about one year ahead of the curve when it came to singing songs about the current Labour leader.

There’s always been more to these tour specialists than being Corbyn cheerleaders though, and throughout their evening slot we were treated to ramshackle punk pondering everything from working an unglamorous job in a private school with ‘Dinner Lady’ to ‘Tell Me Lies About Manchester’, a take on the oft-commercialised mythos that surrounds the various icons of the city’s music scene.

In fact, in light of recent events, their harking back to real message-driven rock could perhaps not be any more relevant, and it will have been at least partly this recent wave of political engagement that saw a bolstered young crowd turn out in spite of the rather unfavourable conditions that graced the Ponderosa on the evening. Cabbage were, as always, best served raw.

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