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Tramlines 2017: Alvarez Kings @ Devonshire Green

Alvarez Kings

Devonshire Green, Saturday

Having spent much of the last couple of years making their name stateside, the return of this indie-pop quartet back to the city where it all began was one that could not pass without commemoration.

And with the release of many-years-in-the-waiting debut Somewhere Between still fresh in their minds, the stage was set for the lads to show off the results of their splash across the pond on a Tramlines stage that has seen more legendary sets in its history than any other.

Infinitely more synthy and polished than when they came bursting out of South Yorkshire’s hectic noughties garage rock scene, the lads opted to play a raft of newer material, including streaming success story ‘Cold Conscience’ alongside the lamenting ‘Somewhere Between’, and frontman Simon Thompson spent much time down in the crowd belting out their increasingly recognisable LA-produced material.

While there may not have been pomp and circumstance in the end, this afternoon set can only have helped to establish Alvarez Kings as local music royalty.


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