Top Group Summer Holiday Destinations!

Choosing to go on holiday with your friends always means great memories, a fun time and loads of photos. Often travelling in a big group can throw up a lot of extra organisation and a test on your diplomacy skills, but it can also be the best holiday you’ve ever had. A smart way of having a much more economically savvy trip is definitely splitting costs. Here are a few destinations that are a guaranteed fun time and a way to escape the usually disappointing summer weather of the UK.

At least once you have probably heard somebody talk about the great time they had in Italy. So why wait for your turn? Sicily is a great spot to visit for groups of mates this summer, or the next too! Not only is the food delicious, the beaches breath-taking and the nightlife great, but groups can lessen accommodation costs by renting a villa and splitting the price between everyone. Companies such as Wishsicily offer Sicily villas with a pool, which is a great way to enjoy yourselves without any worries about noise complaints – and with more space to get away if you want a slightly calmer time. Spending summer in Italy’s most famous cities such as Rome or Naples isn’t particularly advisable as the temperatures soar at this time of year and a lot of bars and restaurants close for a period over summer so the proprietors can escape to the seaside. Sicily has amazing cities to discover, but is more plentiful of beaches, gelaterias (for some world famous Italian ice-cream!) and turquoise waters.

With a couple hours per day dedicated to napping in the afternoon, what better city to visit while in a group? Not only is the siesta time taken seriously all over Spain, but while in Barcelona, you’re probably going to need it too. With great beach clubs and cultural sights that are a must when visiting, having a couple of hours to recuperate for your next adventure of the day (or night) will make your holiday all the better. Temperatures are high during summer, but there are plenty of bars and cafes where you can get yourselves a cold drink and examine all the snaps you’ve probably. The nightlife in Barcelona is brilliant too and well suited to a party holiday with friends if that’s what your group is looking for.

Looking for a holiday destination that is relaxing, full of sights, history and bike tours? If so, Amsterdam checks all those boxes. Known as the “Venice of the north”, and called “Dam” by its locals, the city has many different activities to offer you and your mates. Take a stroll through one of the many parks, visit the Heineken museum for a beery education and finish off with a relaxing tour of the canals that make Amsterdam one of the prettiest European cities. With friendly locals, bars and a really good alternative scene Amsterdam has something to offer those looking for culture, parties or food. Weather during the summer tends to be more sunny and warm than England, but not so hot you’ll be roasting as you make your way around the winding streets.

A holiday that calls for a road trip, Portugal is often forgotten when thinking of destinations for group trips. With many of its sights and landscapes deemed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, Portugal calls for adventure from top to bottom. Portugal gives you and your mates the option of visiting the country either by taking its breathtaking coastline, or by choosing the inner roads that take you through stunning landscapes. Make sure you visit the Algarve and its rocky view, and definitely stay a night in Lisbon – Portugal’s capital and most exciting city.

If you and your friends still haven’t visited Greece, what are you waiting for? If you’re unsure about which island to visit, Crete is definitely your go-to choice. The biggest Greek island, Crete is one of the most fun and energetic summer holiday destinations you can pick. Not only does it offer great resorts to stay in, but it also has lots of activities to do at the beach and around the island. The waters surround the island are so blue you won’t believe your eyes, and with delicious fresh Greek food (think seafood, Greek salad and lots of sweet delicacies) no one will leave disappointed.

No worries though, if you can’t really afford a holiday this year there are loads of great things going on in Sheffield over the summer – there are still tickets left for Tramlines Festival! – but maybe it’s not too early to start planning your next holiday whether it’s this autumn, Christmas or maybe even next summer!

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