Sheffield Casinos at Chrismas

Turning the tables on a conventional night out: bringing you what’s on at Sheffield Casinos this Christmas.

Casinos may not be your first choice for a night out, but don’t be too quick to write them off – they’re open all night, they don’t charge an entrance fee and they are 100% geared towards giving you a luxurious good time. The food and drink is surprisingly affordable, the games have stood the test of time and you can walk away with more money than you walked in with. What’s not to like?

Sheffield may have missed out on the super casino project a few years ago but the city’s resident casinos still have plenty to offer – and they’ve got bags of good stuff going on over the festive period. Here’s a quick seasonal run-down:

Napoleon’s Owleton is still basking in the glow of October’s £2 million re-launch. Not shy when it comes to a bit of bling, it boasts the first outdoor gaming terrace outside of London, something which should be quite novel in December.

Inside, you can try your hand at the many casino games on offer such as blackjack and roulette. Before you head to Napoleon’s, you might want to learn how to play the games and practice at an online casino like Full Tilt. They offer tutorials on casino games so that you won’t look like a complete amateur at the tables.

Besides traditional games, Napoleon’s specialty is Mah Jong and they do have free buffets two nights a week (Mondays and Tuesdays after midnight). You could do worse.

Napoloeon’s other casino – on Ecclesall Road – is going all-in for poker. They’re running a “Twelve Poker Tournaments of Christmas” promotion over Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays throughout December. Again, we’d recommend learning the game online before you commit yourself because, whilst there is big money to be won, poker is not a game to try to learn on the hoof – it most certainly is not a game of chance!

One thing that might appeal is Napoleon’s promotion of gift vouchers. Exchangeable for food, drink or gaming chips, they are a great gift for someone who’s difficult to buy for – and you get a guaranteed night out thrown in! They cost as little as a tenner.

Talking of being cheap, there is a free buffet from 10.00pm on Boxing Day!

Continuing the educational theme, Genting Club on St Paul’s Place/Arundel Gate in the city centre is offering an introductory package for wannabe high rollers at a knock down £13.95. There’s even a poker tournament version for anyone who really fancies themselves as a master of the cards. They’re a perfect way to enjoy a night out with friends whilst learning exactly what’s involved in a range of casino games. And because they are geared up for beginners, there is no need to feel intimidated.

As an up-market city centre venue, Genting is also going large for Christmas with a range of hospitality packages. These come at more hefty £25.95, but there are some really tempting 2-for-1 midweek deals on cocktails and subsidised food that are a bit less corporate.

The Grosvenor on Duchess Road S2 is definitely ‘old school’ and maybe not the natural environment for students out after dark, but they are open 24 hours and they’re not a million miles away from the Sheffield College, so you won’t be the first young people they’ve ever seen!

Whichever venue you pitch up at, you will in all likelihood be asked for ID and you may have to register membership, but other than that casinos offer a glimpse into a night-time world that is a lot more fun than you might imagine from all those intense James Bond scenes – it’s a lot more lively than that!

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