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Regather co-operative to host Sophie Barker live + Animat DJ set

Music blogger Mark Perkins has an announcement he’s like to share with you…

Sophie Barker might be a name unfamiliar to some, but she’s playing Regather in a few days, and I feel it my duty to let you know, in case you start whining to me that I kept it to myself. You’ll most likely know that she’s been the featured singer with a few other bands, notably Zero 7, and that she released a solo album earlier this year. Recently she’s done what I always love artists to do; given the songs over to those electronic wizards and DJ’s to play with to enable her to bring out a remixed version of the album, entitled LSA, and pretty damn fine it is too.

The album she released earlier this year was called Break The Habit, and the combination of her beautiful voice with some outstanding songs was a real winner. As a companion piece to all this, in between summer festival appearances, she commissioned the world’s greatest knob-twiddlers to add some space, depth, beauty and all round awesomeness to what was already a fine release. If you played it to death like I did this year, this is a festive treat to round off the year nicely. My favourite is probably the remix of Breathe Me In. The original is a sultry slow-burning track, which gets inside your head, and the ‘Peakshift’ re-mix is a similarly addictive ear-worm, but in a totally different dub-style. Marvelous.

What better way could there be in the run up to the mid-winter-non-religion-specific-celebrations, than to got yourself down to Regather for what is a pretty exclusive event. I’ll be at the front, wearing my ‘I Heart Sophie’ t-shirt. And if this wasn’t tempting enough, there’s a DJ outing from those Animat boys, who I’m always banging on about, as the best kept musical secret Sheffield still has to offer. Just the thought of discovering what they’re going to include in a DJ set, should be enough to get you there. Sophie will be performing tracks from LSA and it’s parent album, Break The Habit as part of a short tour down at Regather on 6th December.

Sophie Barker Live + Animat DJ set, Regather co-operative 8:00pm-11:00pm, advance tickets £8. Get yours here

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