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Month of magical events in Sheffield to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter

Between 20 October and 22 December 2017, Sheffield Central Library, in collaboration with the British Library, will be hosting a riddikulus number of spellbinding exhibitions and events named ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’.

The events celebrate the 20th anniversary of the book which made a generation of kids long for their own Hogwarts letter – J. K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The majority of events are free of charge to attend so it won’t be hard for you, your friends, your nephew, and your Nana to slytherin on a number of exciting activities planned for the coming weeks.

Magical Half-Term Craft Activities for Kids – Aged 4+ (FREE)
Monday 30 October – Friday 03 November

Are you in a bit of a muggle about what to do in half-term?  Is your child Potter-obsessed? Park your broom, go get a butterbeer, and put these in your diary under ‘must do’. Over the course of the week a number of craft events inspired by the magical lessons of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be taking place in Sheffield’s Libraries. Events will include ‘Wandmaking’ and ‘Herbology’ and ‘Defence against the Dark Arts’.

Thursday 23 October: The Harry Potter Effect: A live screening from the British Library
7pm – 8.30pm – Central Library Carpenter Room (FREE)

For those interested in the Potter series as a cultural phenomenon, this one’s for you. Chaired by British Labour Party politician Shami Chakrabarti, the panel discussion will examine how Rowling’s literary wonder changed both the children’s fiction scene and society’s cultural consciousness from the inside out.

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Anything from the trolley? The Chemistry of Honeydukes
6pm – 7pm – Central Library Carpenter Room (FREE)

In partnership with University of Sheffield, this event will let you uncover the real science behind the magical confectionery at Honeydukes wizarding sweet shop with muggle scientist Dr Joanna Buckley.

Monday 27 November : Mudbloods, Muggles, and the Magic of Social Integration
6pm – 7pm – Central Library Carpenter Room (FREE)

Want to say expelliarmus to global prejudice? Curious as to how Harry Potter could help? Professor Gwilym Pryce will be tackling the series’ overarching theme of prejudice in this family friendly talk at the Central Library. Drawing on the notorious mud-blood versus pure-blood conflict and more, Professor Pryce explores the ways in we can fight back.

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Wednesday 20 December : A Century of Magic in Sheffield
6pm-7pm – Central Library Carpenter Room (FREE)

If history is more your thing, and the history of magic in particular, this compelling magic-filled presentation from Professor Vanessa Toulmin is surely right up your Diagon Alley. Ranging from the likes of world-famous Houdini to Sheffield’s own conjurers, Toulmin will take you on a journey of mystery, highlighting the cities local collections and exhibitions.

Check here for the full listings of events and to book your place.

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