The Magic Man – Steve Faulkner

Boasting an impressive bag of tricks and some razor-sharp wit, live shows from multi award-winning magician Steve Faulkner are guaranteed to be both mind-boggling and hilarious. We should know, we’ve asked the guy to host the last six Exposed Awards – and we all know what a tough crowd that can be!

Next month, Steve will be assembling a stellar line-up of talent, from fellow magicians to accomplished mind readers, and heading up to the Greystones for a night of incredible performance. But before all of that, he sat down with Philippa Revitt to discuss what makes an unforgettable magic show.

There was always one person that had a magic kit when you were a kid, and watching someone make two rings come together was always mind-boggling for a 7-year-old. From that day on you always want to get the chance to ask ‘how did you do that?” again. Steve Faulkner manages to keep audiences in awe with close up magic, whilst still using his upmost comedic charisma to make a night you won’t forget.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to putting together a seamless magic routine, practice is absolutely vital; and a helluva lot of it is needed to get to performing standard. “Have you seen Pitch Perfect?” Steve asks. “Well, I was watching it the other day and there’s a character in that film who does magic but is also a bit of a geek. I should be offended, but it’s entirely right – magic is a bit geeky. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of obsession, and you have to work really hard to become a magic geek.”

Steve Faulkner
Thanks to the likes of Derren Brown and Dynamo, showcases of modern stage and street magic have again become popular household entertainment, far away from the Vegas-style cheesiness featuring old blokes in waistcoats and top hats. Today, Steve explains, audiences seek something a bit more authentic and personal from magic performance.

“Your magic needs to be authentic; it’s not just about being a performer, but it’s about making sure things are real at that moment and it doesn’t feel over the top or fake. Take Derren Brown, for example, he feels like somebody you might know and it doesn’t feel too showy. Penn and Teller are also very natural when they are performing, and that I think that freaks out the audience a bit more during the routine. This upcoming show will be a real, genuine, up-close event and it makes for great overall audience experience.”

Make sure you grab your closest cynic as you’ll soon have the perfect opportunity to blow their mind and show them magic is real, not just by Steve, but with a line-up of dazzling talent. Britain’s got Talent alumni Christian Lee will be headlining the extravaganza, while mind reader Chris Rawlings will also be joining to really see how far your scepticism can be pushed. All previous shows have sold out beforehand, so be snappy about it!

Enjoyed Steve’s nifty card tricks in the video? Here here to watch more!

Steve Faulkner’s Magic Show comes to The Greystones on Thursday 7th September. Tickets are £12 and available from

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