The Ins and Outs of Sheffield’s Nightlife

Sheffield has a wide-ranging nightlife scene, perfect for all age groups and all parties. Due to its large student population, finding nightclubs and live music is a given, with many pubs and restaurants happy to offer student discounts to those attending Sheffield University or Hallam University. However, this is not just a “student city,” and there are plenty of other ventures when you’re visiting…

Casual Nights at the Pub

Sheffield is the Real Ale capital of the UK, and there are many venues where you can enjoy the products of the local breweries. There are many varieties of  stouts, ales and cider to discover, and having a casual night at your pub is perfect for low-key adventures and catch-ups with friends. Anyone from 18+ can enjoy the pub scene, and most will offer happy hours or student nights. Top recommendations for finding great bars are areas such as Kelham Island, Division Street and Ecclesall Road.

Hit Up the Casinos

For gamblers, Sheffield has a few casinos on offer such as Napoleon’s or the Genting Club. Many casinos double up as onsite bars and dining experiences, meaning people no longer have to just bet and can accompany friends who wish to gamble a few quid.

However, with the gambling industry showing no signs of slowing down, and because casinos are no longer as taboo as they used to be, they can offer vast amounts of fun for people of all ages. With online gamblers tending to be young, online gambling is becoming more popular than its brick and mortar counterparts. Therefore, make sure to scrub up on your poker face and if you wish to try gambling out, go on a trusted gambling website, home to a host of favourite games.

Catch a Happy Hour

Aptly named, pubs and bars will most likely offer discounts at certain times of the day in the hopes of boosting their profit margins while making your night a lot cheaper and more fun. Whether you need a place to sit and chill before catching a film at the Showroom Cinema or play at the Crucible Theatre or want to play catch up with friends and family, you’ll never find yourself more comfortable when sat with a half price drink in hand. For help locating that perfect deal, click here.

Become a Theatre Goer

Nightlife doesn’t always mean drinking – or even drinking at all. With some brilliant theatres to choose from, you can catch anything from live music and concerts to watching a play at the Edwardian Lyceum Theatre. It doesn’t matter what type of theatre you prefer, as Sheffield Theatres offer a range of performances such as cabaret and ballet as well as shows suitable for children.

Have a Laugh

If you want a more relaxed night out, you can always find a great comedy show. Every Friday and Saturday, Toby Foster hosts “The Last Laugh Comedy Cabaret” where you can watch some of the best comedians on the circuit right now, both national and international.  You can regularly find other comedy nights on in local bars, and local clubs will also host comedians quite often.

And of course, for a more comprehensive guide to everything happening in Sheffield you can check out the latest issue of Exposed Magazine. 

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