Harness your inner performer with Steve Faulkner

You may have heard of award-winning magician, Steve Faulkner; specialist in close-up magic and presenter of our very own Exposed Awards. What you may not know, is that he’s now using his wealth of experience as a street performer to help others develop their presentation skills.

After spending the last few years targeting his expertise at businesses and corporations, Steve’s now turning his attentions to the local community to support individuals in Sheffield.

The event, ‘Deliver Better Presentations: Overcoming fear and building effective presentations’, takes place on Thursday 18th May 2017, from 9am-4pm at the Workstation in Sheffield. It only has a limited number of spaces available, and for good reason. Steve doesn’t believe in giving generic advice, instead preferring to break the session down according to different learning styles. This allows him to personalise the session for each individual so that all participants get the most out of the session. Steve is also confident that the skills participants will learn from this workshop will prove transferable to every aspect of life.

The workshop focuses on every aspect of public speaking, from body language and embracing those nerves, to rehearsing presentations effectively beforehand. As a magician, he has flare and entertainment value, which guarantees an interesting approach to work-shopping.

Tickets are available to book right here.

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