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If, when faced with a zombie apocalypse, your first question is, ‘what should I wear?’ then you’re probably not the survivor type. In a staying alive sort of way rather than the I’m ok after my break up kinda way a la Destiny’s Child. But this is ZOMBIE INFECTION, a high octane, adrenaline filled endurance experience. And there’s a good chance zombie blood will de-commission your favourite outfit, so it’s not such a daft question.

Set in the imposing Stanley Tools factory on Woodside Lane, Zombie Infection takes place over three sweaty- jitter inducing hours. The old factory has been pared back and made health and safety friendly, but it retains many of its original features making the venue and the experience seem all the more eerie and authentic. Equipped with weapons, eye protection (to prevent contact with zombie juices obvs) and- perhaps most importantly- a torch, my team and I, aided by a ZI soldier (many of whom are ex-military) had to navigate the factory, popping zombies off at will. There are added objectives to add an air of competition; the main objective being to survive. From the moment you park your car, the staff are in character, barking orders at you in Sergeant Major tones. You get the sense that everyone is passionate about the story, which helps you to create your own story in your head.

Led by director Chris, Zombie Infection are the market leaders at such scare fests. The company deliberately keep their events shrouded in mystery, which really compounds the fear. And the fear doesn’t really leave you until you’ve left Stanley Tools behind.

There are seven other unique locations across the country, from prisons to asylums. They’ve even managed to lock down Sherwood Forest for what will no doubt prove to be a real test of survival. For the real thrill seekers, there’s the 8-11pm shift, where the blackness betrays your senses.

The experience is definitely good for team building, as the reviews on social media can attest. Not so much when the team is lumbered with me, who despite my binge watching of any film in the zombie genre still managed to be the worst zombie killer ever. My flight instinct took over and before I realised, I was twenty minutes from the end with a full set of ammo. Luckily, ZI had plenty of spanners to throw into the works and I was glad of my frugality. There’ll be no spoilers here.

As someone who hates watching telly through my fingers and being on the edge of my seat, I thought I would be traumatised the whole time. But it was surprisingly satisfying to take on a team of zombies and live to… run another day. If you fancy yourself as a real life Rick Grimes, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Zombie Infection.

And if you don’t, you could probably use the practice. You know, just in case.

Teela Clayton

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