5 exercises for your January workout that aren’t squats

So: you’ve got the New Year membership sorted, dragged your sorry backside from the settee and returned to the now unfamiliar surroundings of the gym. What next? If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to back into shape this month, here are a couple of straightforward January workouts from the team at SWEAT!

Medicine ball Russian twists
(4kg or 8kg)
Sit on the floor with your core fully engaged and lean back slightly. If it feels too comfortable lift your feet off the floor. Holding the medicine ball twist side to side (One twist is one rep).

Slam balls
The slam ball must come above your head each time to count as a rep. Top tip: make use of your core and slam the ball to the ground as hard as you can, squatting as you do so.

Battlerope slams
Holding onto the ends of the battleropes, bend the knees and engage your core. You can choose between alternate or double slams. Sit in a deeper squat to get more of a lower body work out.

Side lunges
(Add a kettlebell or dumbbell for extra resistance)
Start with feet together and step out making sure you stay low. Both feet should be facing forwards and be firmly on the ground at all times of the movement.

Box jumps
(18 inch or 24 inch)
During each box jump both feet must be firmly planted for the rep to count. You can either step up or jump up -it’s up to you!

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