Bingo in Sheffield

A guide to Bingo in Sheffield.

Online and land-based bingo work well together:

Two of the big name brands in bingo – Mecca and Gala – have bingo halls in the Sheffield city centre and, contrary to what you might think, online bingo has actually helped breathe new life into the land-based halls as well as becoming a hugely successful online industry.

Really though, it makes sense. Many people who play online bingo might never have visited a land-based bingo hall. Their first introduction to the game has been online at a site such like Gala, 32Red, or Paddy Power bingo and playing online has a lot of upsides. For example, you can play at any time of day or night – there’s no need to fit around the bingo hall opening hours. And when you first join an online bingo site, you get given free playing credit in something called a welcome bonus. This varies from site to site, but basically, most sites offer a similar deal – they match or double the initial amount you deposit into your account. If you visit 32RED bingo you can get an even better deal – you get an extra £32 credited to your account for every £10 that you put in that first time.

But one thing that the online sites haven’t replicated yet is the bingo caller and that’s something you still find in the land-based bingo halls. The rhyming bingo calls have always been a big part of the game and people who enjoy that aspect will still choose to play at a land-based bingo hall like the Gala one on the Parkway or the Mecca bingo halls on Penistone Road and Flat Street. And for people who’ve only ever played online, they might be intrigued about experiencing the game in its original form.

The two versions of the game seem to be borrowing ideas from each other. In some bingo halls, you can choose to play the games that everyone else is playing using paper tickets and bingo dabbers to mark off their numbers, but do so electronically. That means using one of the electric bingo tablet-style devices that the bingo hall has available. Using a device like this, you don’t actually need to pay close attention to the number calls – you can just relax and watch your cards’ progress, much as you would if you were playing online. But, as you’re at the bingo hall, you get to have some face-to-face time with other players. Meanwhile, online players still get the socialising aspect of a bingo hall even when playing at home as they can talk to other players in the bingo site chat rooms.

For anyone who’s had a taste of online bingo at home, the idea of trying out bingo in a real bingo hall suddenly becomes interesting. If you take a look at the bingo halls, they’re not what they used to be – an unofficial community centre for the local OAPs. Of course, they still provide a great meeting place for older people in the area, but you’ll also find younger crowds there too. You can even book bingo parties, or just turn up in a group to play a few rounds before heading on to a bar or club.

Whether you play bingo online or in a bingo club in town, you’re always guaranteed great value entertainment at a very small price. And who knows, you might be lucky and hit the jackpot!

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