WWE review

An night of screaming, showboating and suplexes….

The kickass carnival that is WWE rolls into town once more and wastes no time bringing the action. Casaro decimates the bizarre Stardust in a strong opener that sees the big Swiss strong man pull off a 619 and crowd favourite “The Giant Swing”.

The big Bulgarian Rusev is up next vs Jack Swagger. Here both lads use flags for classic cheap heat. The crowd obviously lap it up as the UK flag toting Swagger is cheered through the bout until he taps to the Acolade. Emotions run high throughout the arena as the atmosphere is electric and the crowd are deafening throughout the contest.

WWE tag titles on the line next as The Usos take on champs The New Day and veterans The Dudley Boys. A strong superkick filled match keeps the crowd going ’til New Day take the win. The tease of tables by the Dudleys however does leave a sour taste as nobody was sent through one. Shame.

The WWE women’s title also goes on the line as Charlotte, along with her legendary father Rick Flair ones up against Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in their Wrestlemania rematch. Typically, Charlotte retains the belt due her father’s distraction of the ref, to wrap up yet another strong contest. A new area of women’s wrestling really is upon us and the classic matches that these three are currently having prove it.

Finally, Sheamus vs WWE Champ, Roman Reigns. As it’s common knowledge that Reigns is not over with the fans, Sheamus cuts a killer promo on him prior to the match. During this he rips into Sheffield claiming it’s lost all value to society before screaming: “I am going to make Reigns the Sheffield of WWE!” This extremely entertaining promo fails to put us on Roman’s side, but reminds us how great Sheamus is on the mic. A decent match filled with spots with the ring steps and various finishing moves builds the tension and keeps the crowd in the palm of their hands. Finally, a spear to Sheamus ends the bout which sees a lot of heat from the crow as Reigns is still booed.

Overall, WWE brought a great, high budget family show. What it lacked in massive roster names it made up for in strong in ring action; sending the packed out Sheffield Arena home with their thirst for pizazz and violence, quenched.

Lewis Budden

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