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10 Questions You Really Shouldn’t Ask On A First Date

It doesn’t matter what gender or sexual orientation you fall under, we’ve all had those dates where the other person asks the most cringe worthy, mind-blowingly awful question that puts a dampener on the whole thing.

Here are the 10 questions your really need to avoid – even if you’ve been getting along really well beforehand, while using online dating with sites such as MySingleFriend or whether you’ve met through a friend of a friend at work.

  1. Why did your last relationship end?

Wow, let’s not jump straight in with a question like this, even if you are curious. Why should they disclose such personal information on a first date, or even at all? Their past relationships are none of your business, they shouldn’t be affecting you now, so why ask such a terrible question which could bring back bad memories?

  1. Do you still talk to your ex?

Again, leave the ex issue alone.

  1. How much money do you make?

No matter who you ask, this is always considered rude. Until you are buying a house together or deciding to have kids you really don’t need to know. While we’re on that subject…

  1. How many kids do you want to have?

Woah, slow down there. The thought of kids on a first date is going to scare most people away, especially if you seriously tell them how many you want. Avoid this question, even if you think you’re being funny.

  1. Do you think I’m more attractive in person?

This is such an awkward thing to ask someone, even in a joking way (because we all know you are asking for validation really). They will feel obligated to say yes or just be so revolted by your narcissism they start to think poorly of you.

  1. Do you think the waiter/waitress is attractive?

Yeesh, is there a wrong or right answer to this question? Don’t put your date in the awkward position of trying to work out if you’re serious or not. And if you’re seriously asking this question it’s time to take a good long look at yourself, they’re on a date with you, not the waiting staff.

  1. If we pretend it’s your birthday, do you think they’ll give us a discount?

Some people (mainly women) are a little precious when it comes to first dates and the thought of using a coupon, discount code or going Dutch is not acceptable – mainly because they expect their date to spend money to prove how much they like them and how much is spent is important. Just avoid this question altogether, and any scraps of paper featuring discounts, on that first date.

  1. Do you think you’d give up *insert favourite hobby here* for me?

If you don’t like that they game in their free time, get a spray tan or go to the football every Saturday, then why are you on a date with them? Being in a relationship involves compromise and asking this sort of awful question demonstrates that you aren’t capable of this.

  1. What’s your ‘number’?

The amount of sexual partners the other person has had is really none of your business and this question should never, ever be uttered on a first date. Would you disclose that information?

  1. Are you going to eat that?

Think of Joey from Friends and understand that if they ordered it, they’re probably going to eat all of it and if they haven’t shared anything so far it’s safe to assume this question will just come off downright rude. Keep your mitts on your own plate.

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