Sheffield Food Festival: Sweet Treats

Ready for dessert? Of course you are! This year’s event will provide a sweet-toothed offering like never before, with everything from traditional cakes to chocolate-covered churros available for your indulgence. Here’s a trio of tasty traders we’d highly recommend paying a visit to…

The Adventurous Cakebook
Inspired by years of travel to destinations nearby and far-flung, and embodied with a naturally adventurous spirit, Sheffield based baker and pastry chef Alexander Harker decided to make some fabulous bakes using traditional recipes and memorable flavours; hey presto, the Adventurous Cakebook was born!

From rich brownies inspired by a trip to a Chilean vineyard to flapjacks with a distinctly Moroccan vibe, they’ve spent years travelling the world and now, using the best global and local ingredients, are aiming to please the sweet tooth of folks up and down the country!

Cookie Dough Co.
Making ready-to-eat gourmet cookie dough safe to eat straight from the tub – perfect for those who tend to eat most of the mixture before it reaches the oven!

There’s plenty to choose from too! The dough is made in a variety of delicious flavours such as salted caramel, triple chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate and lemon meringue, as well as occasional seasonal specialities.

Little Bubble Box 
If you’re after something special, Little Bubble Box are offering a unique chance to try a helping or two of ‘Gai Daan Zai’ – a popular Hong Kong snack also known as bubble waffles, egg puffs or egg cakes.
A perfect ice cream accompaniment, they keep to a traditional Hong Kong bubble waffle recipe to give customers an authentic taste rather than using pre-made pancake or waffle mixture.

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