Sheffield Food Festival: Spotlight on… #Brownies

No, not *that* type of brownie…

Hash Brownies isn’t what you think it might be. This award-winning company is the brainchild of couple Andy and Wendy, the latter a Roux brothers-trained chef. They will be serving up sweet treats at this year’s Food Festival. And it’s not just brownies! They will be offering their signature ‘Scoffingtons’…in flavours such as Black Forest, coffee and Oreo.

Discussing the inspiration behind the unique company name, Andy said: “We wanted a brownie company that would stand out, and we wanted to utilise social media as a platform to advertise our products, hence the hashtag!” They already sell to well-established places in Sheffield and Leeds and have distributed to numerous events and businesses for nearly seven years.


What can we expect from #Brownies at the Sheffield Food Festival?
We have been to the Sheffield Food Festival every year since it started. This year we will be using the Festival to unveil a new product! It is a new style of cake we have created and trademarked, called a ‘scoffington’. We want people to recognise them as a brand. We want them to become the new ‘Yorkshire Parkin’ or ‘Bakewell tart’! We had two styles of cake and now, because of the success, we decided to go fully vegan!

What is a ‘Scoffington’?
It is a cube of vegan sponge cake dipped in chocolate ganache and coated in biscuit crumb and topped with frostings and toppings. Times are changing! Last year we promoted them as vegan on the first day and there was limited interest. On the second day we took away the branding that they were vegan and sold much more. The customer would think it was delicious and would be visibly shocked when I would tell them that it was vegan. People think vegan food is made out of sawdust!

Have you noticed a rise in the popularity of street food events over the years?
100%. People have changed their eating habits; they like to have a choice of multiple different things. You look at the popularity of food halls in Sheffield, such as Kommune! People want to walk around and have a choice.

What else can we expect from #Brownies?
We are going through a period of branding and will soon be selling the ‘Scoffingtons’ through our website so customers will be able to buy them online. For the Food Festival, we will be in front of the Town Hall with lots of giveaways and that sort of stuff. Every year is great, but we will hopefully make it a really big one this year!

Catch #Brownies at the Town Hall all weekend, or check them out at facebook.com/hash.brownies1

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