Sheffield Food Festival: Family fun

The greatest predicament during the Bank Holiday weekend is finding ways to entertain the little ones, whilst allowing the opportunity for the whole family to enjoy, relax and, most importantly, have fun! This year’s Sheffield Food Festival provides a plethora of FREE kids activities throughout the weekend to keep little hands and minds occupied so that you can take joy in the other indulgences we have to offer.

Winter Garden 

Wax Ya Dannys
10am – 12pm Saturday, all day Sunday and Monday
Wax Ya Danny’s offers a unique attraction that is a fun individualised craft activity which combines art and entertainment using non-toxic anti-allergenic wax to make moulded hand sculptures for both children and adults. Have you done yours yet?

Plant Power
12:30pm – 3:30pm, Saturday
Come and join the British Science Association to find out about all the amazing ways we get food from plants! Join in with a range of fun activities exploring the secrets of soil, lessons from leaves and meet the grasses most of us eat every day.

Fun Fimo Food
10am – 2pm, Sunday and Monday
Due to its popularity last year, Ignite Imaginations will be running a fimo fun activity with artist, Annie Beech in the Winter Garden. Enjoy the sights, smells and textures of our edible herbs and flowers; take away an imprint on clay or paper.


Veg Head
2pm – 4pm, Sunday and Monday
A twist on everyone’s playtime favourite, everything you need to make a crazy fruit and veg head will be provided. There will be fruit and veg head selfies to share on social media, and a competition for the best head!

Wildlife Trust
All day Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Throughout the weekend, the Wildlife Trust will have a stall inside the Winter Garden where you’ll be able to take part in find family-friendly activities. From the stand, you’ll learn about our nature reserves in Sheffield and Rotherham where families or individuals can enjoy a walk or look for wildlife. We will also have information on gardening for wildlife and how little things we can all do at home can really help bees, butterflies, birds, hedgehogs and a whole host of other wildlife.

Orchard Square

Community Colouring Wall with Grace Foster
Orchard Square


Circus Show
11:30am | 1pm | 2:30pm | 4pm
Orchard Square

Face Painting
Orchard Square

Golden Pineapple Treasure Hunt 
All day – prizes collected from Body Shop
Orchard Square

Fairground Fun

Bringing the traditional fairground fun to the Sheffield Food Festival is the established North’s Funfairs. Well known to festivals around the country, North’s Funfairs provide a full range of traditional Victorian fairground rides and vintage showpieces dating all the way back to the 1800s. Whether it’s the train, the carousel or the helter skelter, the fun fair at the Sheffield Food Festival will be the perfect tonic for those itching to let off some steam. We’re still talking about the kids, remember…
For more information, head over to northsfunfairs.co.uk for a sneak peek at what will be on offer.

Activities will take place in the Winter Garden and in Orchard Square between 10am – 4pm each day.
Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult to take part in activities.

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