What technology products to look out for in 2016

For work, rest and play, technology can make the world go round. So, naturally, we’re always interested in reading about what new tech products are just around the corner. Though many of these products are very much, in whole or in part, the subject of rumour at the moment, here are some especially exciting goodies that you can realistically expect to see debut at some point in 2016. Now is the time to gather together whatever savings and discount codes you can find on technology products!

iPhone 7
Few things are as certain as death and taxes, but a new iPhone from Apple this year certainly comes close. Early rumours suggest that, this year, Apple might drop the dedicated headphone jack to further thin the chassis, leaving the Lightning port connector and wireless technologies as connectivity options for headphones. However, Apple is also said to be weighing up several different designs for an iPhone likely to sell in the many millions.


New 4-inch iPhone
As much as we love Apple stuff, if it has one persistent drawback, it’s that it tends to be relatively pricey. The Cupertino firm could be about to address this, however… at least to an extent. It is thought that, by March, a new 4-inch iPhone could be launched with a pleasing price tag. Reports generally agree that it will come across like an updated version of the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013 but is now showing its age in terms of specs.

Second generation Apple Watch
The first generation Apple Watch, which hit the market in April last year, has polarised opinion. Still, to a certain extent, this should have been expected; being a first generation product, even Apple would likely agree that it’s not really the finished article, so to speak. Respected Apple news site 9to5Mac has tipped the second generation Apple Watch to be announced in March, possibly alongside the new 4-inch iPhone, before shipping commences the following month. Watch – groan – out for it…

Microsoft “Surface Phone”
While Microsoft has enjoyed limited success with its Lumia range of handsets, the company’s mobile ecosystem has held little appeal for consumers more enticed by Apple and Android devices. Thankfully, however, Microsoft’s Windows and Office products remain commonly used by businesses – and it has been rumoured that the Redmond company could leverage this with a high-end “Surface Phone” aimed squarely at corporate markets.


Facebook at Work
If you like to occasionally sneak onto Facebook during working hours, you might not have to be so devious in future – thanks to a special, corporate-friendly version of Facebook called Facebook at Work. It’s very similar to the standard Facebook you already know, so there’ll be very little learning curve, and the world’s most popular social network is expected to launch Facebook at Work at some stage in 2016. It will be free, too – though your company might choose to spend on some premium features that will also be on offer.

Huawei Watch
Ladies, the Chinese tech giant Huawei has two beautiful new smartwatches for you to choose from: the Huawei Watch Jewel and Huawei Watch Elegant. Selling from early 2016, these Android Wear-powered devices have been specially designed to appeal to women; the Jewel, for example, boasts 68 Swarovski zirconia crystals lining its circular base. Huawei spokesperson Chase Skinner has said that the company “wanted it to be more feminine and something that women would be more attracted to”.

Lego Education WeDo 2.0
Though Lego’s Mindstorms robotics kits can certainly energise many a Lego fan’s interest in robotics, that might not apply as much to the fans in the age bracket that the Danish toy company most typically caters for. So, you should now begin to see the purpose of the new Lego Education WeDo 2.0 kit, which is intended for schools and to introduce children to rudimentary programming, enabling them to make and program small Lego robots.


4K TVs
For a while, televisions of the impressive 4K resolution have tended to appear only in the homes of avid tech enthusiasts and early adopters. However, as more and more manufacturers jump on board with supplying such TV sets, we can expect the number and range of them on the market to increase during 2016. Even price doesn’t have to prove a deal-breaker if you have a John Lewis voucher code.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S
Available worldwide from February, this 12-inch slate can be seen as Samsung’s answer to the similar-sized iPad Pro. Apple’s productivity tablet has attracted a lot of publicity and hype, of course – but the Samsung alternative has much to recommend it, too. Along with a pleasant-looking white keyboard cover with trackpad, the Galaxy TabPro S comes with the business-friendly Windows 10 for a wide range of corporate tasks, yet remains easy to transport due to its mere 6.3mm thickness and 693g weight.


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