The Top Movies of 2017 So Far

We may only be just over half way through the year, but there has already been some fantastic movies and documentaries at the cinema for all to enjoy. It seems odd that there are still so many potential greats still to come this year.

However, with so many good movies already in 2017, it is wise that we list the top movies of the year so far.

Hounds of Love
This chilling movie from Australian director Ben Young is a tense and unnerving story about a young girl named Vicki played by Ashleigh Cumming who lives in Perth in 1987. After a row with her mother, she is lured into the house of a couple played by Emma Booth and Stephen Curry. It is obvious from the beginning that the couple have deviant plans for the little girl, and thus begins a move full of grittiness and nail-biting suspense.

In what is to be the last installment of the Wolverine franchise, Hugh Jackman plays an aged Logan, who has become a recluse in remote Texas. Suffering from poor healing due to his age, Logan is left to care for a dementia suffering, elderly Professor X, played by the brilliant Patrick Stewart. The problems are made worse by the fact that he encounters a young gifted girl played by Dafne Keen.

Logan is persuaded by the Professor to help the girl, and what follows is a chase movie as they are hunted by mercenaries lead by Boyd Holbrook. It is a good movie that spends a lot of time examining the relationship between Logan and the Professor.

Alien: Covenant
With the original 1979 Alien movie now a classic, this latest film in the franchise has Ridley Scott at the helm once again. The first hour of the movie is spent setting up the battle between the human colonists and the angry xenomorphs. As suspenseful as searching for a Jackpot in your attic, the film will have you on your knees, only without the benefit of finding hidden treasures.

After this early build-up, the movie quickly shifts to focus on the android David. It becomes evident that he is part of this ancient world and what follows is a scary, suspense filled thrill ride that also has moments of sinister humour. This prequel is well worth a watch and has certainly justified its existence.

John Wick: Chapter 2
The first John Wick movie had almost everything you could want from an action movie. A retired assassin who wanted to be left alone, but was forced back into action because of vengeance at the death of his dog.

John Wick: Chapter 2 may not have such a good reason for him coming out of retirement. However, Keanu Reeves continues where he left off, with gun slinging and bullet flying action scenes and an almost impossible level of death and destruction. A great move, but maybe not a great as the first.
That was the best of the movies so far in 2017; now we can look forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

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