Tips For Enjoying The Best Nights Out In Vegas

One of the many reasons why Las Vegas remains one of the world’s hottest party destinations is the astonishing variety of choice. Fancy a night at one of the numerous superclubs dancing away to world class DJ – that’s easily fixed! So too is picking one of the many iconic cocktail lounges that are found in every style imaginable. Perhaps just a five-star dinner followed by a show is more your thing? Whatever you feel like enjoying you will find it around the year (disclaimer – headline shows tend to take Mondays off and not all clubs are open Monday – Wednesday). Here we’ll take a look at three different ways to enjoy a great night out in Sin City based on how much you feel like spending.

A) Money Is No Problem!

Careful with that attitude in Vegas! Large groups of visitors may be surprised to learn that hiring the services of a ‘Fixer’ (personal concierge) actually sometimes works out as reasonable value. Let them know in advance what you’d like to arrange, and they’ll find tickets, magic up the best tables, skip any queue in town and ensure you have the best time ever. Nowadays there’s plenty of agencies as well as independent fixers available to choose between so shop around and don’t be afraid to ask for the best.

A classic ‘money no object’ night out in Vegas would obviously start in an iconic casino such as The Bellagio, Mirage or Venetian but just beware to keep an eye on the time – they will be keen to keep you there all night! A good call is to escape after a few games and maybe dine at Le Cirque or Picasso then head on to one of the biggest and brashest clubs in the world. For those not yet to experience Vegas clubbing, these clubs are enormous and frequently sprawl over half-dozen floors each with a distinctive vibe. Don’t worry if you aren’t in the mood for dance-floors – your fixer will have reserved a VIP booth.

B) A Middle Of The Road Night In Vegas

Sure Vegas loves to present itself as the ultimate destination for well-monied visitors, but the truth is that the majority of guests are pretty normal people. Yet any trip to Vegas requires a little splash of the cash, and of course taking in a show. A dedicated fixer will likely be out of your budget but fret not – most of the locals are happy to give advice and directions on where to go and what to see.

A handy tip for getting decent value tickets to shows is to stay in a hotel/resort where the performer is playing during their residency. Almost all will offer packages including tickets that can amount to great savings. As for dining, there’s likewise a huge variety of places to choose from – check out Mr. Mama’s for the best breakfast in the world, or Carson Kitchen for an ever reliable menu that will not break the bank. Heading out for some nightcaps later on? Chateau at Paris has a wonderful wine list will sommeliers who would happily teach you 5 things you didn’t know about wine (served of course in five large glasses!).

C) Take The Locals Advice

Maybe it’s a few days into your vacation and it could be time to give the credit cards an easy night. Well, there’s way more to Las Vegas than just the glitz – with a cheap night on the tiles often proving the best way to encounter some of the legendary venues and characters who keep the show on the road. Monday is usually the night where the thousands of locals employed in the tourist trade get out for a party, and it can be amazing fun joining in with those who know where the best dive bars (free bowling to anyone who strips to their underwear) and cheap eats can be found.

The good news is that the locals are by the by a friendly and cosmopolitan bunch who encounter people from around the world every day. Perhaps start with some self-proclaimed “beef, booze and broads” at Oscars Steakhouse on Main St (downtown), Bootlegger for some old school cheap cocktails and the smells of yesteryear, and try to find the Lady Silvia – an old fashioned ‘speakeasy’ that still refuses to use a door sign!

No matter what your budget for a grand night in Vegas, these few suggestions are merely the tip of the iceberg. No matter how planned, it’s almost inevitable you’ll end up somewhere unexpected at some stage. Just go with the flow and have an unforgettable time!

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