The Luckiest Person In The UK

Online lottery providers Lottoland recently carried out an extensive study based on their database of customers to find the luckiest person in the UK. Their aim is to discover where the most fortunate parts of the country actually are, along with the ages, names and genders of the winners.

The results make for some interesting reading, especially because our very own Sheffield features high up on the list for happiest city. As well as reporting on the UK, it also takes a look at countries across the world to find out where the luckiest – and no so lucky – players live and the results were somewhat unexpected.

Sheffield finished a respectable, well above average 186th out of the 633 towns and cities in the UK covered by the study. However, the luckiest city in Britain turned out to be one that was also voted the ‘Best City to Live in Britain’ in 2017, and one of the top 10 ‘Happiest Cities to Work’ in by the Guardian. That city is Bristol, adding yet another accolade to their growing collection of awards after being named as ‘Britain’s Luckiest City’.

According to Lottoland’s research, the luckiest man’s name for is Barry, with Claire being the luckiest name for women… you might want to bear this in mind if you’re currently thinking about baby names. At the other end of the spectrum it turns out that the unluckiest name for men is Garry, with Rebecca sitting at the bottom for women. Not everyone would agree that the luckiest age group should be the 60+ bunch, though it’s good news for those in their forties. Currently dubbed as the least fortunate age group, the 40+ crowd will at least have something to look forward to – they’ll just have to wait 20 years.

Check out the survey for yourself to discover the answer to the questions ‘which country is luckier, Austria or Brazil?’ and ‘which British locale has adopted the (unfortunate) title of the ‘UK’s Unluckiest City?’ At the end of the day regardless of where you’re from, all the surveys and reports, we like to stick to that age-old idea: ‘you make your own luck’.


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