The Curious Case of Metal: 5 Main Reasons Why it is So Appealing to People

Having been maligned, ridiculed and shunned ever since its emergence as a power genre of music back in the 70s thanks to bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Deep Purple and the like, the metal genre is a strange beast indeed. Not only does it have some of the most dedicated fans across the globe that breathe the music day in and out, but it also has its equal share of haters as well.

The haters are quick to claim that it is nothing but pure noise, completely lacking in melody or any other related musical aspects in general. Due to its abrasive and unsettling nature, it has even been called the “music of the devil” by some people out there. And if that wasn’t enough, over the years, there have even been bizarre and nonsensical cases of politicians linking metal to high rates of suicide and murder.

Even though this may be hard to believe, a great number of people are completely oblivious to the mere existence of this genre of music. You mention metal to them and they are sure to say “What kind? Aluminium or copper?”. Although if you actually think about it, that doesn’t really come across as being that surprising. The closest link is the genre of hard rock which not that many people are into in any case.

  • It is cathartic: There have been enough studies showing that metalheads tend to have fewer anger issues that most people out there. This is mainly because the anger is reflected in the loud music, making it easier for the person to left off steam and get rid of their daily stress.
  • Its appeal cuts across boundaries: This is one of the main aspects of metal that most people tend to forget about. Whether you are talking about Indonesia or the United States, rest assured that there is a thriving metal scene. Unlike most other genres out there, metal is not confined to any particular language or place.
  • Its exclusivity attracts more fans: A lot of people out there strive to be different and stand out from the herd. Due to this, metal is one of their main choices of music due to its exclusivity and refusal to pander to any popular trends.
  • Metal is anti-authoritarian and self-assertive in nature: Since its inception, the lyrics of metal have spoken about a great many things, but some of the main aspects of the lyrics are freedom and the will to break free and do what you want to do as an individual.
  • It is predominantly a guitar-based genre of music: The next time someone attempts giving away their acoustic guitar for sale to you, that may just be your entry point into rock and metal. Since there are so many people out there that directly gravitate towards the guitar, metal also ends up being extremely appealing to them.

Surely one can see just why metal has only gained in popularity over the years since its inception. Not only has it become a genre of music to play for a lot of people out there, but also a way of life.

And since the guitar is such a valued and sought-after instrument to play on the whole, you can be sure of the fact that metal as a genre will always remain dear to a great many people out there. Probably not as many as most people think, but that is exactly what gives metal its charm – the fact that it has always been a very underground form of music that is enjoyed and understood by only a select few. And nothing is going to change that for a long time.

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