What it takes to fuel a grand tour

The beginning of the Tour De France and the SkyRide in Sheffield last weekend means cycling season has well and truly kicked off this year. Since the famed race tore through Yorkshire back in 2014 for Le Grand Départ, many have been inspired to take up the sport, and with the stunning Peak District on our doorstep, there’s no better place to give it a go. While it’s always advisable to start off slow (seriously, the hills around South Yorks are a killer!) there’s plenty of scope for some big rides in Sheffield and the surrounding area. So exactly how much training goes into a big race? Science In Sport have got it sussed, calculating what to eat, when to rest, how best to recover and even how many calories you’re likely to burn. Here’s how the big names do it:

Infographic: How To Fuel a Grand Tour – An infographic by the team at Science In Sport

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