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How to style your denim for the sun

For men and women alike, denim is a reliable wardrobe staple, to such an extent that we don’t always go for the same old jeans every time. Making denim work in the summer, however, can be tricky. Here are our top tips for ensuring that you dazzle in the sun when donning this most evergreen fashion item.

Keep faith with your distressed jeans

Deliberately worn-down, ripped and patched jeans seem to have been in fashion forever, but it’s a statement that has proved especially true in recent years, as celebrities have shown us the many wonderful ways of wearing them in the sun.

Cropped? Skinny? Just plain old destroyed? It all works, for both stylistic and practical reasons, as not only do such jeans look nicely ‘lived in’, but all of those holes will allow plenty of air to circulate around your legs as the temperatures rocket.

Pair blue jeans with a white T-shirt

It’s not the most original sartorial combination, but let’s face it – it’s a timeless classic, as shown by how even Harry Styles has made the style his own in recent times. For men of a certain other vintage, the look may evoke memories of a smouldering Marlon Brando or James Dean.

Whatever the era of wearer, the inescapable conclusion is much the same: the white shirt and blue jean combo just works. Indeed, one recent survey found that more than half of adults consider it the most iconic look a man can choose, although many a woman has looked sharp and sophisticated by embracing it too. So, either way, don’t be afraid to flaunt your own version of it in 2016!

Or why not experiment with a denim shirt?

Denim shirts are hardly any less versatile than any other type of denim, working just as well when they are casually thrown over a T-shirt as they do when buttoned up with a blazer for those occasions calling for a more formal look.

However, it is the summer, so you should be careful to choose denim that is lightweight, with chambray options being especially wise choices at this time of year.

Denim shorts – cool in both senses of the word

It’s the most logical step of all for those wanting to continue wearing denim as the sun stays out for longer – simply ditching the traditional jeans altogether in favour of denim shorts.

If there’s anything that many people worry about in terms of wearing denim shorts day-to-day, it’s that they may be less than office-appropriate, although there are ways to offset them against other garments to achieve looks suitable for all manner of settings.

Women, for example, may try combining distressed denim shorts with a feminine, lacy top, complete with classic white sneakers, for a fun contrast. Or why not opt for smarter, high-waisted jean shorts along with a tucked-in printed silk top for a slightly dressier look?

Summer ’16 will (still) be the summer of the jean

Really, all of the evidence suggests that denim will retain its enduring fashion appeal throughout summer 2016. So, why not start on creating your newest seasonal look by restocking your wardrobe with a durable pair of jeans from Dickies or another classic denim brand?

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