Soap Award for Soap Extras – The Winner!

Soap stars are much loved and there are a few who have gone onto achieve incredible things in television and film. When you think about the greatest soap stars of all-time then your mind might go to such people as William Roache who plays Ken Barlow and Adam Woodyatt who plays Ian Beale. Or people who have gone onto bigger things such as Ross Kemp or James McAvoy.

Behind every great soap though is a number of people who will never grab the headlines or never gain any sort of recognition. That was, until now. The faithful extras were given their own award at this year’s British Soap Awards of ‘TV Soap Extra of the Year Award’ which is a long overdue recognition of a vital part of these shows.

Soaps attract huge viewing figures, but a lot of these extras remain anonymous and if you passed them in the street, you probably wouldn’t recognise them. That might all change thanks to PlayOJO’s soap extra award that was announced on Saturday night, where there were a few great candidates up for the new award.

So who were the contenders to be the first winner of this new award?

Adam Blease – Underworld employee

He has been on the show for over 10 years with his character who goes by the name of Dirk. His role is to stitch knickers in the factory and even has his own Twitter page.

Gemma – Barmaid

Mainly working as a barmaid in the Dog in the Pond, she moves fictional jobs when the pub burnt down only to have to move again when the Ill Gnosh restaurant suffered the same fate. She has since worked as a nurse in the hospital.

Colin Murtagh – Policeman

If you’re good a playing a policeman, why not do it time and time again? Colin has worked on Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Casualty and Holby City in his time. Due to the role he plays, he’s appeared on some of the greatest ever episodes.

Joel David and Maureen Seaberg – Coronation Street couple

The two have been married for 41 years, in Coronation Street at least. They have frequently been found drinking in the Rovers Return and also eating in Roy’s Rolls.

Ulric Browne – Market Trader

Ulric has played Winston the Market Trader since 1986 and has had the odd speaking line here and there. He has also been an extra on The Bill in his time as well.

Everyone knows the extra is vital to a television show in order to create the realism that the shows produce. For all the famous actors that have been on these shows, there’s a lot more who have appeared in the background, making sure they stay away from the limelight.

They deserve their moment where they can step out of the shadows and be appreciated for all their hard work and dedication.

So, who won?!

The award for Soap Extra of the Year went to Colin Murtagh!!

Colin came out on top of PlayOJO’s Facebook poll with his friends, family and fans all voting for Colin to take the very first soap extra award and it’s very much deserved.

Presented by soap legend and Corrie star Anthony Cotton, he had this to say about extras on set that he’s worked with,“I see every day the level of enthusiasm and hard work supporting artists bring to the set, so I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to acknowledge them for the great work they do.”

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