merm – Mermaids: The Last Untouched Mythical Creature

The world of pop culture has seen numerous trends throughout the ages, not least when it comes to the popularity of mythical creatures.

While the age of zombies, vampires and werewolves may have come and gone during the last 30 years, however, mermaids have remained largely untouched and retain a cult following to this day. Playcosmo did a feature on the Mermaid Millions recently, highlighting that this most beautiful and mythical creature has even become a key feature on the online slot market.

Not only this, but Disney have also announced that they are to unveil a live action version of the classic hit ‘The Little Mermaid’, which is fitting given that much of the creatures’ enduring popularity can be attributed to the hit films of the 1980s. Here are three of the best:

1. The Little Mermaid (1989)

We start with the original Little Mermaid iteration, which was released in 1989 and at the height of the world’s mermaid obsession. Narrating the tale of a mermaid princess who yearns to know about humans and life on land, it weaves a classic Disney story laced with humour, romance and that inherent feel-good factor.

The film also have a wonderful meld of music and story, while it is hard not to enjoy a tale that feature such a strong and proactive female role model.

Given its quality and enduring popularity, it makes sense that Disney should have reinvented this in the modern age with a live action version. There is sure to be huge demand for this, with the original undoubtedly one of the true Disney classics of all-time.

2. Splash (1984)

Arguably the seminal mermaid film, Splash starred the beautiful Daryl Hanna and Tom Hanks while combining comedy and romance in a way that few movies manage to achieve.

Hanks, whose character had an encounter with a mermaid when he was a child, is saved by the same creature years later. She then travels to New York to find him, and the two forge a comical but heart-warming romance as a scientist who wants to prove the existence of mermaids follows hot on their trail.

With a stellar cast that also includes Eugene Levy and the brilliant John Candy, this was a film that arguably made Tom Hanks while starting the popularisation of mermaids in pop culture.

3. The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)

OK, so this film was not released during the 1980s, but it did look to capitalise on the enduring popularity of mermaids when it hit the cinema in 1994. It is based on the heart-warming tale of Fiona, who learns that her family is descended from a type of mermaid known as ‘selkies’ when she moves to the picturesque Island of Roan Inish.

As the story develops, Fiona becomes convinced that her younger brother is behind held and kept alive on the island by the selkies, as she makes it her mission to move her family back there and be reunited with her sibling.

This is an achingly beautiful movie, and one that adds a new dimension to the classic, mermaid genre. It has also emerged as a cult classic, and one that highlights the diversity and uniqueness of these mythical beings.

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