Infographic: Secrets of the Royal jewellery

We all know that the Royal family owns billions of pounds worth of jewellery, but what are their most expensive jewels out of them all? Within this infographic you will uncover the secrets of Princess Diana’s emerald choker, the imperial state crowns history and the priceless jewels that make up the Coronation ring.

Princess Diana’s emerald choker

Princess Diana was gifted the Emerald choker in 1981 when she married Prince Charles. Of course, the choker is made of the most exquisitely cut emeralds that have a deep, precious green hue, bordered by an array of traditional cut diamonds. These diamonds are what make the emeralds green colour shine even brighter than without, and because of this, the choker went from beautiful to extravagant.

Coronation ring

Of course, the Coronation ring is used as a significant and irreplaceable jewel passed down to each new heir. The ring is also known as ‘The wedding ring of England’, but when Queen Victoria was crowned, the ring was too large for her petite fingers. This resulted in an alternative ring being crafted, just for her slim fingers.

The imperial state Crown

The crown, which was worn by our Queen during her return to Buckingham Palace, after her Coronation was originally thought to be crafted from Queen Elizabeth 1’s earrings. The Imperial state crown’s jewels were cut from the jewellers Garrard & Co. Whereas, the crown itself was designed and crafted by Rundell Bridge & Rundell.

The imperial state crown is made from many materials and metals including; Gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, spinel, pearls, velvet, fur and ermine. And it measures at 31.5 cm, 21.3 cm (base) and at a hefty 1060 grams, it must require a strong head to wear! However, seen as most of the Royal’s jewellery are crafted from multiple, heavy jewels, the Queen probably has no trouble putting on the Imperial state crown.

You can learn much more about the jewels that the Royals hold below. This infographic is provided by Berganza; the site to visit if you want to look as sophisticated as the Royal family.


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