How to Pass Microsoft MCSA Certification Exams in a Smooth Way

The most important thing to know is what is recommended by experts. These experts have given their invaluable time to cull out most things you will need. The best part about tips is that they are quick fixed and are general in nature for people to follow easily. No, you don’t have to do the hard work of finding what’s needed to pass your Microsoft MCSA exams. These professionals do their research work and publish the tips & tricks required for taking these tests. In this blog there are some essential hints that we will cover so that you can have a better chance of passing the examination.

First mantra is to follow the official website and its recommendations. It is observed that Microsoft has put in an objective for every course which means it tells you what it is trying to achieve at the end of the course. So, you know what Microsoft is trying to convey to you regarding the course. Just draw up a small table and note down the objectives and treat this as a checklist to know how far you have come and how much more effort you need to put in. The checklist you will end up with will definitely be long but don’t panic and ponder if it was that easy, then every Tom, Dick and Harry will have the Microsoft MCSA certificate.

The candidates who clear the examination can be confident when it comes to defining and designing Microsoft infrastructure and networking, securing resources, designing application storage and data access strategies, designing and implementing web apps, designing management, monitoring, and business continuity strategies. Apart from just covering the basics by theory, Microsoft also makes it a point to show you the practical uses of the application in a test environment where you can experience the application and its functionalities. This is very important because research has shown that a person captures and retains more information if the communication channel is audio-video with live demonstration. The Microsoft exams cover various topics like Implementing Websites and Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, Storage, Azure Virtual Networks and Azure Active Directory, thus you should learn a ton of information. Now, take a break and try to play around with the platform. Go ahead and strive to create a virtual network, and then proceed to building a virtual machine and experience the joy of creating something useful and something that creates a demand for you in the labour market.

Now, some specialized courses do require prior experience or a minimum qualification for you to be eligible to be a part of the exam. So, the tips are to know if you are eligible or not to sit for the test. You do not want a situation where you have gone through the entire material, put in the hard work and the extra hours just to realize later that you are not eligible for the examination and you do not meet some criteria or the other. However, recommendations are different from mandatory requirements. You may or may not have the required experience or qualification but this does not mean that you cannot try to pass the exam. So, Microsoft has some recommendations which they feel give you a better chance to pass your certification test. In terms of experience, Microsoft suggests to have more than one year of experience in web development like .NET, PHP, Python or RUBY. The aspirant must also understand the basic concepts that are related to networking. Since the course is more of an advanced level, knowing some basic concepts will give you a strong fundamental base to push you through to build a great empire on top. Another important aspect of experience that Microsoft suggests is to become familiar with the basic structure of the platform.

Apart from the basic experience you require to pass the exam, you will also need some basic equipment on which the platform will function and that is a computer that has Windows 7 or above, as well as Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. If you have certain certifications, it becomes easy to crack the test. Microsoft also provides you with some credits to your account to get you started. Learn and become the expert that you desired to achieve and embarked on this mission.

Now, Microsoft does not throw you a surprise test sort of a thing, as they have Prepaway MCSA exam questions for you before you dwell into the real exam environment. Do not try to memorize the questions and answers but try to understand what is being asked, and then rely on your study and the practical exposure you had, and then think on your feet for the right answers. Don’t try to read too much into your reasoned and correct answers, you have got it correct as you have sufficient reasons to believe it to be correct. Ponder deeply on those questions that were answered with a reason but were wrong. This is the most dangerous part because wrong information is more harmful than no information. If you got the questions wrong because you did not know anything about it, is ok, as you can catch up on the issue, but getting a question wrong where you had sufficient reasons is a calamity as you have the wrong information. Anything you learn on the basis of the wrong information is going to be more wrong. So, be forewarned there. If you answered the question correctly by guessing, it is of no help as you learned nothing, click to download fast.

See if the questions provide you with the option to come back later and answer them, if required. If you are strong and good at certain topics, obviously you will need less time to solve them. This gives you the leverage to take more time for questions that are time consuming or confusing for you. But don’t put the envelope too far and leave too little time for the topics that you are good at. Leave time to review your answers at the end of the exam.

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