Hawes & Curtis: Suits You, Sir

Providing premium menswear and unrivalled customer service to the people of Sheffield, quintessentially British heritage brand Hawes & Curtis specialise in innovative designs and quality fabrics across their range of luxury shirts, fine tailoring, casualwear and accessories.

The experienced team at the Meadowhall branch are always on-hand to advise on fittings, dressing and styling for anything from special occasions to the basic working week. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or keep it casual, their selection caters for all sizes and offers competitive high street prices from an internationally-recognised brand.

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History of the Brand

  • Founded in 1913 by accomplished tailors Ralph Hawes and George Frederick Curtis, the first store opened at 24 Piccadilly Arcade and quickly attracted the attentions of members of the British aristocracy and fashion elite.
  • Over the years the store has fitted a vast name of high-profile clients from the Duke of Windsor to Frank Sinatra.
  • During the 1920s Hawes & Curtis became known for creating the backless evening waistcoat, renowned for its comfort and a staple of ‘dress soft’ era which became popular amongst the British artistocracy.
  • By 1957 they had received a total of four royal warrants – a prestigious mark of recognition for tradespeople who had supplied a royal court or certain royal personages.
  • Award-winning businessman and entrepreneur, Touker Suleyman, bought Hawes & Curtis in 2002 and subsequently transformed it into a globally renowned business.
  • Today Hawes & Curtis has over 20 UK stores with a distinguished past and commitment to high-quality, sophisticated clothing rendering it a globally-renowned name in the fashion world.

You can find Hawes & Curtis at Meadowhall, 6 Park Lane, S9 1EN or at hawesandcurtis.co.uk

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