Halloween in Sheffield

Halloween is one of the most celebrated public holidays in the United Kingdom and Sheffield’s students will descend on the city centre as they look to enjoy the traditional American holiday. While Halloween originated across the Atlantic, Britain has embraced the holiday and many youngsters go out trick or treating, as well as enjoying nights out and socialising with friends.

Halloween provides nightclubs, pubs and music venues with yet another opportunity to offer alcohol at appealing prices and potential for a brilliant night out with mates. It must be remembered, though, that Halloween is one of the best holidays for children as well as young adults so we have tried to consider those younger Halloween fans, too. Here are a few of the best places that you could visit in order to celebrate the American holiday in style.


Corporation are hosting ‘Satellite’, as they do on every Saturday night, but specifically tailored for Halloween. Starting at 10pm, you can buy tickets for just £3 and drinks are well priced throughout the entire evening. They will have a number of Halloween-related games and there may be a few spooky soundtracks that come on throughout the evening. While ghastly ghouls are scary, medium psychic readings can also be enlightening. Medium readings are usually connections to former loved ones and family members. If you want to get a taste for it, Medium readings at TheCircle are incredibly focused and you should keep an eye out for psychics making readings throughout the evening. As per usual, there will be a wide range of tunes throughout the duration of the evening and it’s well worth a visit… just make sure you dress up!


One of Sheffield’s most famous establishments, Plug is hosting ‘Dismay World’ on Halloween night. While tickets are slightly more expensive for this event, they have advertised the evening as a festival of fun and horror. They have live performers and ghouls that will ensure you must keep your wits about you for the entire night. Drinks are well priced and you can purchase double vodka + mixers for £3.50, while Jagerbombs are priced at £2.50. For an extraordinary Halloween experience, Plug is the place to be.

Whirlow Hall Farm

One for those with younger friends and family members, Whirlow Hall Farm are hosting a ‘Halloween Spooktacular’ event that is set to scare both adults and children. Kids are encouraged to dress up in their scariest clothing and there are plenty of activities and prizes to be won throughout the night. For a slightly less frightening experience, Whirlow Hall Farm is the place to be and this is the greatest and most fun event for families.

The Electric Box

At the Electric Box, Fez usually hosts on a Saturday night and Halloween evening will be no different. However, the club is offering a unique and exciting event that celebrates all of Halloween’s finest traditions. With all of the freshest new tunes, it really is the place to be and you can embrace the nightclub’s spooky look by dressing up for the occasion. Although they are yet to announce some of the special activities, tickets are fairly cheap at £4 and could be worth a visit, even if it’s just for a couple of drinks.

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