How to give your children the best educational start possible

One of the main priorities for parents is ensuring that their children get the best start in life in all aspects… from education to home comforts. It is only natural for parents to find the thought of sending their child to school quite daunting; they mature so fast and before you know it, they’ll be living in a home of their own! Of course, realistically, your little bundle of joy is going to be at home for many years to come, and will need all the support they can get through their educational years. Although your child is going to be gaining more independence each day, they are going to need help with perhaps one of the first extremely important decisions they’ll face. Deciding on which school to go to.

If you have a few schools in the area, it can become very difficult to establish which one will offer the best outcome for your child and help them to achieve academic excellence. Doing your internet research and learning from word of mouth can be useful, but the best thing you can do is visit the school and see what it’s like in action. School visits can be arranged on open days or privately with the head. These school visits provide you with the best chance to ask all those questions which have been niggling away – it doesn’t matter what you ask – if it is important to you, then you deserve an honest answer.

Many parents spend months, and sometimes years, deciding on which school is perfect for their child to attend. This infographic has been provided by Cognita and takes you through the 10 all-important questions that you should ask on a school visit. It’s best to attend the school with a rough plan of what areas you want to explore and what you want to find out, as this will avoid wasting time and coming home unsatisfied/unsure. Once you visit that perfect school, you will instantly know. Never settle for anything less!

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