Five Things to Do and See in Balham, London

The city of London has long since been an incredible place to live and to visit, drawing people from near and far who are looking to get a taste of the history, architecture, culture, nightlife, and cuisine that it’s so famous for. Just like with most big cities, London is divided into different neighbourhoods as well, each with its own unique identity and list of things to do and see. 

For those who want to experience city life but still enjoy a sense of community with that natural down-to-earth vibe, all whilst keeping things relatively simple, then Balham can be a great option. Balham is in South-West London, right in Zone 3, and is surrounded to the south by Tooting, to the east by Brixton, and to the north is Clapham. So, if you’re new to the area of Balham, or you just want to learn more about it, then you’re going to want to check out these top five things to see and do.

The Restaurant Scene is Alive and Well
One thing that Balham is well known for is the fact that it is extremely popular with non-UK nationalities. You’ll find Australians, South Africans, Irish, and Polish, which means you can experience a very diverse and incredible restaurant scene. The foodie in you will love all the spots just waiting to be discovered.

Get a Sense of the Outdoors with the Many Parks
As discussed in the Balham guide by London Shared, the area is also known for being quite affordable making it perfect for elderly, young professionals, and of course young families. And one thing that is obvious is the residents love the fact they are in such close proximity to so many parks and greenery. Even though you are technically in the city, you can still get that outdoorsy feel and exposure that so many people appreciate.

The Nightlife Is Alive and Well
If you’re looking for a place to enjoy top-notch nightlife, then Balham has you covered. You could start the evening off with a little comedy at the Banana Cabaret Club, which is dubbed the “friendliest comedy club in the country” by The Guardian; and then move on to the various bars and pubs in Balham.

Check Out Something Out of the Ordinary
If you’re into museums and are looking for one that is a bit out of the ordinary, then the Sewing Machine Museum is a must-see. This one offers free admission allowing you to explore the museum at length and you can even sign up for a workshop or class.

Stroll Through a Historic Market
Markets have long since been a popular activity for residents and visitors alike, and the Hildreth Street Market provides people with a small and historical market experience. This market was first established in the turn of the century, and is known for its selection of household goods, fresh vegetables, fruits, and treats.

There is no doubt that living in or visiting Balham is sure to provide you with some wonderful things to do and see. 

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