The 12 most famous cars used in movies

Calling all petrol head’s and movie buffs, we’ve got an infographic we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading. The 12 most famous movie cars, showcase the best innovative cars on the big screen. Whether they’re fiction or fact, each of these cars has their own unique features that anyone would appreciate. Let’s have a peek at what you’ll find out within the infographic.

What will we have a look at?

From the Aston Martin in Gold Finger to The Mystery Machine in Scooby Doo, there’s a car here for everyone. So, whether you want to learn the costly price of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the exact model used as the ECTO-1 car in Ghostbusters (1984) then scroll down to view the infographic below.

We’ll also take a look at what the epic Gigahorse from Mad Max: Fury Road was built from, and to give you a little sneak peek – each block in the engine produced 502 bhp! Oh, and did you know the A-Team Van was fitted with a massive bull bar so that they could ram into other vehicles and objects, without damaging the van? Now that’s a pretty cool and surprisingly practical feature that Universal Studios added.

Not to mention that they actually changed the vehicle throughout the series in 1983-1987 not one, not twice but several times. It’s a wonder if anyone noticed and why they decided to switch up the make and model of the iconic A-Team van, to begin with. Whatever their reasoning, it doesn’t really matter because every van used was awesome, not just due to the type of van but because the A-Team owned it. And as we’ll all agree, the A-Team is epic enough in any vehicle.

Make sure you Stay safe!

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