Experimenting with something new

There are so many games online players can find, but some of them are too childish or boring. Most people play free to play games, so it’s kind of hard to find something more promising. If you’re looking for some exciting “adult” games, then an option would be an online casino in order to play Online Slots or any other gambling game. Another option would be to play games like Path of Exile, which are still free to play, but they offer you the whole package.


Some people prefer to play some good FPS games or RPG ones. There are a lot of gaming platforms and Internet websites where you can play cool games. You have a large variety to choose from and honestly, I was never happier in my life! You can play so many games and most of them are for free!

Surely, there are a lot of games that need to be paid such as GTA V or Counter Strike and many more. These games are also super cool and fun and many people play them, but it’s up to every player where they want to game and what games they want to play.

What’s Recommended

I was the type of gamer that only played free to play games and surely enough, many of them are cool and decent enough to offer a lot of content. But if you compare them with paid games, then they are no match most of the times.


If you truly want a new experience, I would recommend buying some cheap, but very good games like Rust, PUBG, Batman, etc.

Rust for example is a very good example of “good things come to those who wait”. This game has been receiving weekly updates for years now and it will finally go out of pre-release. Worth every penny and you get tons of hours of content with your friends or other players.

Batman has a very good story; the combat is great and the game looks and feels awesome.

PUBG is the game of the year in my honest opinion. You can play it with your friend and it’s thrilling to get to the top 10 remaining players. 


I hope this article has gave you some new ideas. Don’t forget to game responsibly. See ya next time.

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