The Death of Deal or No Deal

Well, the day we all feared has happened (although no one I’ve spoken to seems to care at all, which is just rude, hence why I’m telling strangers on the internet as that way I can assume you’re crying onto your phones as you read this) Deal or No Deal has been cancelled. I will give you a minute to collect your thoughts…

One minute later…

…Yes, the Channel 4 gameshow hosted by British national treasure (bit of a stretch, really) Noel Edmonds has been cancelled by the suited big wigs at Channel 4, probably to make way for some new, crude Jimmy Carr vehicle (although Big Fat Quiz is a delight, as is 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown… perhaps I was just lashing out at Jimmy, to mask the pain I feel at The Deal going south). Let’s examine the greatest television show on Earth and see what the future might hold.

The History

Originating in the Netherlands, the British version started in 2005 and featured a room full of people with numbered boxes. Each box had a figure in going from 1p to £250,000. Each episode one person from this group would come to the middle and pick boxes and whatever was inside the box would disappear from the board and at periodic intervals a scary entity known as ‘the banker’ would call Noel Edmonds and offer the player a sum of money which they could take instead of continuing to the play the game. Not that I needed to tell you all of that because you watched it every single day like me.

Why I Loved It

For a show that sounds extremely boring when described to you and one that is based solely on luck, which I don’t usually like anyway, it was the tension of the game that really hooked me and a million, billion other people. The show also made you care about the people, because they all got carried over to the next episode (well, the ones that didn’t get called to the centre). There was also a live studio audience that were able to participate and be asked for their opinions. It was just a show that was pleasant to watch; it had a really nice vibe … plus it made it kind of cool to like Noel Edmonds again.

The Spawn Legacy

That’s a play on The Bourne Legacy, by the way … my humour is so subtle and brilliant even Ricky Gervais wouldn’t get it … Anyway, moving on … The show, as well as spawning hundreds of copy cats around the world (although that’s down to the original Netherlands’ one), it has created a host of other, related properties. There were hugely successful online gambling versions like Deal or No Deal Slots, which even came close to rivalling big names like Sun Bingo as well as videogames that allowed to you to play the game and win exactly zero pence. The show also spawned countless apps as well as providing a boost for betting companies like Ladbrokes.

A Light in the Darkness

Before you cry yourself to sleep tonight thinking about the ‘Noel hole’ in your life, there is hope for us all. Channel 4 has announced that they will be doing a tour version of Deal or No Deal for all of us who aren’t satisfied watching reruns on YouTube. “But what about Noel?” I hear you cry! Well don’t worry as Channel 4 don’t want to lose him and have apparently offered him three new TV shows according to the BBC, although I bet none of them will match the grand majesty of Deal or No Deal!

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