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Date night: Top style tips from a guy’s perspective

Swiped right and landed yourself a date? You Romeo, you. But what should you iron last minute to wear to the big event? What vibe do you want to give off?

Worry no more. Here are the top style tips – guy to guy – on what you need to wear to impress that potential new leading lady or gent.

Keep it smart/casual

Think back to that first job you landed where uniform wasn’t needed, when you had to work out what smart casual meant. You soon discovered there was a very fine line between what was acceptable and what wasn’t – especially when you rocked up in trainers and a shirt on a Wednesday and got an email from HR.

But it’s time to reapply this principle again to date night. You want to look good, but also laid back about the whole situation and definitely not like you’re trying too hard – even though we both know you’ll be scrutinising your outfit for an hour or so before you leave the house.

Embrace the bomber

You’re probs a bit young for Top Gun, but you’ll definitely know what the film’s all about. Embrace that suave aviator style for your date night with a bomber jacket thrown on over whatever outfit you piece together – offering it to your date at the end of the night while waiting for a taxi makes you look like a real gent. We’re loving the Moody Night Flight jackets from Superdry at the moment, with a collar you can turn all the way up to feel a little bit bad boy-esque.

Dress for whatever the night throws at you                             

Planning a few rounds of mini golf? Or a trip to the bowling alley? (Classic). Then dress appropriately but in an outfit that would still be appropriate for a few drinks in a bar afterwards or even for last minute dinner out somewhere.

A pair of dark jeans and a plain fitted t-shirt not only look good, but they work for a multitude of situations and we’re sure you have a few options always ready to go in the wardrobe. This rule applies for shoes too, can’t go wrong with fashion trainers but don’t be afraid to dabble in a good pair of ankle boots too – fine for those leisurely activities you have planned but that look good enough for the dinner reservation later.

Accessories are alright on the night

beanie - hat

We wouldn’t recommend wearing a baseball cap throughout dinner, but a lightweight beanie gives off the right vibe for when you meet outside and a pair of clear glasses are great if you want to give off that hipster vibe. We’d recommend avoiding sunglasses though, unless it’s super bright – the eyes and your expressions are pretty important when it comes to that first date so try to avoid hiding them.

Don’t pack an overnight bag using your rucksack

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves there, mate…

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