Atom Detailing: It’s all in the detail

From restaurant manager to founder of Atom Detailing, owner Andrew Reynard gave us an insight into the firm’s success and his passion for car care.

How did it all start?
Atom Detailing is Sheffield’s premier car detailing provider, having been founded over five years ago. My passion for my own car care grew into looking after friends’ and family members’ cars which made me realise I could turn my passion into a business. From a purely mobile service, we now operate from our modern Detailing Studio on Princess Street.

What is car detailing?
This is a very common question. Everyone has their own  interpretation – I always say that car valeting is making a car better than it was, whereas car detailing is making a car the best it’s ever been!

What does Atom Detailing offer?
At Atom Detailing we offer an extensive range of car care services, whether our clients are restoring an older vehicle or protecting their brand new one.
As every car is different, we assess each vehicle individually to highlight areas to improve. We can then offer a variety of packages to suit those needs. Our core service is our Decontamination Detail to deep clean the vehicle. As you progress through our different packages, polishing stages are introduced to the paintwork to create fantastic results. Our signature package is our Atom Detail for those who want the ultimate service. We can also carry out dent removal, brake caliper painting, convertible roof and leather services. Our most popular service is applying the increasingly popular ceramic coatings.

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What is a ceramic coating?
Ceramic, as well as other types of modern protective coatings, are the must-have for any car enthusiast. They can be applied to almost every surface including paintwork, plastics, glass and leather.  These coatings last years, with our ceramic paint coating rated at five years! They increase gloss levels, make the paintwork feel like glass and offer scratch resistance and easier cleaning for years to come.

What did the Rolls Royce receive?
The incredible Wraith came in for our ‘Minor Correction’ service. We deep cleaned the interior and exterior as well as engine bay, wheels and arches. The paintwork then received a two-stage machine polish to remove scratches and defects whilst refining the finish to create a glossy, flawless surface to which both a five-year ceramic coating and two-year hydrophobic coating were applied for even greater protection.

What does the future hold for Atom Detailing?
My aim for Atom Detailing is to become Sheffield’s ‘one stop-shop’ for car care.  It’s an exciting time for Atom Detailing with expansion on the horizon to increase our range of services and create jobs in the local area. Sheffield is the perfect place for us – there are big opportunities in a city, a real love of cars and a confidence in supporting local businesses. We constantly evolve, hone our skills, and have a genuine love for working on all makes and models of cars, which has, in turn, bolstered our quality and reputation within the region – something we hope will have a positive impact on our future!

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