888Live Local Heading to Aspers Casino in London

Online poker giant 888Poker has quickly built a reputation for its 888Live Local events since the series’ inception in 2015, becoming the official sponsor of the World Series of Poker and launching a global event tour that has reached across three continents. Their first season featured 19 events, several of which were hosted in Aspers Casino in London. This year, 888Poker is following up with season 2, which will also be bringing several live events to the casino.

Nice Prizes at Last Aspers Event

A previous tournament at Aspers Casino resulted in one lucky Irishman winning an impressive £22,500, as well as a trophy and a trip to Las Vegas with a vacation value of more than $2,000.  The popularity of the series seems to be increasing according to the stats. When you look at the number of players and the size of the prize pool, the figures are only getting higher with each tour. It will be interesting to see how big of a following the brand will have by the end of its 3rd season as the 888Live Local series continues.

Online Poker Fans Yearning for Offline Action

Seeing 888Poker take the series from zero to hero in just two years has certainly been impressive, especially when you consider the fact that the brand has traditionally been linked to online poker. Most online poker sites do not hold local tournaments, so many 888 fans stick with it because they like being able to visit events and compete for the opportunity to win big prizes. The overnight success of the local event series can probably be attributed to a large percentage of online poker players yearning for some face-to-face poker action.

Aspers Partnering with 888Poker

It would be difficult to overlook the fact that most of the 888Poker events in the UK are held at the prestigious Aspers Casino in London. If you’ve visited Aspers recently, you’ve probably noticed the 888 branding everywhere. The casino has partnered with 888Poker in what has been called a “mutually beneficial arrangement” where the casino refers some of its customers to online poker and 888Poker players become aware of Aspers via the hosting of the 888Local Live series. It will be interesting to see whether this partnership will last beyond the initial 12-month agreement, but if the events continue to be as successful as they have been, it’s easy to imagine this being a long-term thing to look forward to for poker players in the UK.

Upcoming London Tournament in Late July

Another 888Local Live event will be taking place on July 28th in Aspers Casino in London. With a relatively low entry cost of £220 we can expect to see a mix of players in the upcoming tournament. Following the upcoming event, 888Poker will be traveling to Spain for another low buy-in (150 euro) tournament in Bilbao, after which the series will return to Aspers on August 25th for a second low buy-in event at the Aspers Casino.


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